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A dance between two sexy feline attributed characters.

Who's the toughest cat in the jungle and whose claws are the sharpest?

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Takes place in a arena

Round 1:

  1. Both are in character
  2. Both have confidence in their abilities
  3. BFR is allowed.
  4. Victory via Yield, K.O, or Death.
  5. T'challa is talented
  6. Morals on
  7. Strength Equalized with (Pitou slightly stronger)

Round 2:

  1. All bets are off.
  2. Bloodlusted
  3. Speed Equalized.


  • No half-assed answer.
  • Calcs are accepted.
  • Nen-intimidation will be useless here.
  • Give a reason to why the one character would stomp.
  • No wanking or bias against a character.
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I know little of either but IIRC Pitou tanked a killing hit from Meruem while off guard. Meruem should be on another level.

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@drpepperman: How durable is the weakest chimera ant which he easily disposed of?