Black Clover vs Seven Deadly Sins

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Asta and Yuno vs Meliodas and Ban

Asta is in Demon form, and has only the Demon-Dweller. No Demon-Slayer.

Yuno has complete control over Bell.

Asta is bloodlusted (like in his fight with Vetto).

Meliodas can use Assault Mode.

Ban has no immortality.

Neither is bloodlusted.

No prep, no prior knowledge.

Bonus round: Yami joins team BC, and High Noon Escanor joins team SDS.

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Ban Fox Hunts Asta & Yuno.

Meliodas accidentally flicks the kids to their death.

They're 1000 years too early to even dream of scratching Twigo , let alone Ban or Meliodas.

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This was already done recently. Bulls win. Sins have better physicals but Bulls possess more speed and hax. Vanessa is he MVP