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Both of the Characters have battled a large proportion of their Respective Universes.

Here is the backstory The Hulk is waiting on his rumored surprised Gladiator opponent on Sakaar, Next thing you know it's Black Adam.

Round 1: No World Breaker Hulk

Round 2: World Breaker Hulk

Round 3: Tie Breaker if needed

Who would win between these two Weapons of Mass Destruction

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Any Hulk incarnation that’s Post-Core breach and above beats Black Adam.

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Is it ww black adam? He wrecks rd 1 and wins rd 2 and 3 comfortably

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Hulk clean sweaps

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Hulk all 3 rounds, WW3 Adam literally did nothing of note. He was more impressive in Dark Reign and even that doesn't help him from getting stomped each round.

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I would give BA at least round 1. R2 and 3 go to Hulk.

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@slobbyboboli: nope. WW3 Adam has trouble fighting Shazam. Hulk kills him.

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R1 - Adam

R2 - Hulk

R3 - Hulk

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Hulk both rounds.

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I don’t think there’d be anything left of Adam after the first round to make the latter two possible.