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Round 1 : Abandoned Attilan

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The first battle takes place in the Inhuman City of Attilan after the Event. Given that many Inhumans are above limits, they were spirited away leaving Attilan without much of its leadership and command crew. This left Attilan drifting through deep space. Over time its power reserves began draining leading to shutdown of non-critical systems. Only Life Support and Gravity are still running but not without their drawbacks. Life Support systems were left in Rain Storm Mode leading to parts of the city being flooded while Gravity was left on Moon Mode lowering gravity to Earth's Moon's Gravity.

Power can be restored if you choose to expend time doing so but it will take 1 Hour of Time to do so regardless of what powers and abilities you have.

Attilan's Computer can be hacked but given the limited power, you can't really do much beyond lower Gravity and change the weather.

There is 1 Set of 5 Space Suits in the otherwise empty Chamber of Devices.

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  • No BFR is allowed but if you can manage to push someone into space who can't survive in space, it will work as expected.
  • No Tele-BFR or Dismemberment
  • Win is by Death, Incapacitation, or KO
  • Each team gets 5 minutes prep and basic info about the enemy team. The Basic Info includes names, pictures, and abiities. Bought Equipment is not known until you engage it. Obviously, if you have the perks that grant you more prep or knowledge, you get that instead.
  • The First Team Listed starts in the Old City while the Second Team Listed starts in the Prison. Fear not Second Team, you don't have to break out. :)
  • Bought Items are listed in Parentheses.


  • Punisher - (5 Webshooters, Flight Ring)
  • Winter Soldier (Nega Bands, Adamantium Ammunition)
  • Agent Venom (Flash Thompson)
  • Blade (SOK Gun, Medusa's Gaze, Blade of Olympus, Blades of Exile)
  • Star-Lord (Vibranium Suit and Dagger, Nth Metal Harness and Dagger)


  • Boom Headshot!



  • Dwarfstar - Suit, Bowie Knife (Vibranium Bowie Knife, Flight Ring)
  • Red Skull - (Mind Gem)
  • Heatwave - Heat Gun, Costume, Fire Extinguisher
  • Deathstroke - Rifle, Dual Pistols, Sword, Bowie Knife, Grenades, Staff (Adamantium Ammunition, Battle Computer, Vibranium Suit, Magnetic Baton)
  • Prometheus - Armor (Tactigon, 10 S.P.I.N. Tech Darts)


  • Evil Always Wins
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This should be good

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@docnick Feel free to go when you want unless you want me to go first.

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@docnick I'll begin actually. First I'll give the rundown of my teams individual abilities and equipment.


The human-vampire hybrid, who has all of thestrengths of a vampire, and none of its weaknesses.


Superhuman Strength - Capable of lifting 1 ton.

Superhuman Speed, agility and stamina - Blade generates less fatigue poisons, which as a result allows him to exert himself at his peak physical capacity for hours before beginning to tire.

Heightened Senses - Blade can smell supernatural creatures. Can smell supernatural beings or forces.He also has Superhuman sight and hearing. He can see objects with perfect clarity at much larger distances than a normal human. He retains this level of clarity in near-total darkness. He can hear what a normal human can't. He can hear what a normal human can, at much larger distances.

Healing factor - Blade has an accelerated healing factor, allowing him to recover from mild to moderate injury at much faster rates than that of a normal human.

Immune to traditional vampire weaknesses - Self explanatory. Silver, garlic, sunlight.. none of it will work on him.


Blade is a master martial artist, and is proficient with near enough every form of weaponry known to man. In particular, he is exceptionally skilled with edged weapons.. such as the two massive swords I've listed below among others. Blade is a skilled marksman and has experience to match the size of his double edged sword. After fighting hoards of vampires for years he has relied on his exceptional accuracy and firearm skill in order to consistently hit his mark.


Saints of Killers Gun with 1 round

- This is a very, very special weapon. This gun will always, without fail, hit it's mark and kill, no matter what. It will go through anything until it hits the desired target. An instant kill, if you like.

Kratos' hand-me-downs

- I've equipped Blade here with some Olympian quality gear. This includes the Blade of Olympus, Blades of Exile and Medusas Gaze.

Blade of Olympus - After becoming the God of War in place of Ares, Kratos was tricked into draining all of his godly powers into this sword. The sword is capable of killing the Olympian Gods themselves and will likely go through anything Blade wants it to in this scenario.

Blades of Exile - Olympian quality dual-blades. They give grappling ability and can be retracted and detracted by the chain attached at the hilt. Useful for getting from A to B in a low gravity environment I'd like to point out.

Medusas Gaze - If you haven't heard the tale of Medusa, let me fill you in: This is the gorgon Medusas head. She had the power to turn any enemy into stone by looking into their eyes. Blade points this at you, and you glimpse at it for just a second, you're turned to stone.

Adamantium Acid-etched Sword - Speaks for itself. The large double bladed sword Blade has held since the start of his vampire hunting career. Ouch.

Firearm.. Arm - He lost his arm awhile ago and was given a bit of an upgrade. This new arm has a built in machine gun which responds to Blades muscle twitches, allowing him to reload and fire with extreme ease. It also has a built in grappling hook, which will prove useful in this situation and can have many advantages in combat.

(Like you want to give this guy any more toys than he already has).

Standard Weaponry - Blade always carries a selection of semi-auto and automatic firearms loaded with Silver bullets, and in this case anti-metal bullets, due to the "Boom Headshot!" perk.

EMP Grenades - Useful for disabling electronics.

Bullet-proof Kevlar Armor - Yeah, so there's that too.

As you can see, Blade here is equipped with a whole plethora of deadly weaponry. Couple this with all of his superhuman attributes, and his superhuman sight and smell, and he's going to have the jump on just about anyone before the fight even starts.

Winter Soldier

Arguably the most deadly assassin in the Marvel universe.


Superhuman Strength and Durability - Bucky had peak human physical conditioning, and his Bionic arm granted him some degree of superhuman strength and reaction time, but thanks to the Nega bands he has been equipped with, his peak human Strength and Durability have taken a jump past peak human levels.
Peak Human Agility and Endurance


Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3
These include Bucky shooting Crossbones.. after being shot, cracking a few ribs, falling out of a multiple story building. Also, he is shown to be able to place a single precision shot into an assault rifle that is tucked under the arm of a running man. Both of these scenarios show Buckys ability to hit his mark first time, even when under extreme pressure.
Gallery image 1Gallery image 2
Here is a feat of Buckys accuracy with a Sniper rifle. He shoots Madame Masque, in the mask from a long distance. Single shot.

Expert Marksman - Bucky is ultimately an incredible marksman. This is the category in which he truly shines. He was trained by the US military during WWII and present times, Captain America himself, British SAS and the Russian Government. Allow me to showcase some of his accuracy feats. Also, here is a quote from the Marvel Comics Database - "During an operation on the Russian Front with the Invaders, Barnes has from concealment thrown a 60 centimeters-long knife to penetrate the winter uniform outer garment of a German soldier with such accuracy as to pierce his heart in high arctic winds several meters.” Let's take the weather of that situation into account, as the weather in this scenario will also be affected. All in all, you can't fault Bucky's accuracy, he's the best.

Skilled Acrobat - Bucky is an exceptional acrobat.

Expert Assassin - Bucky is an expert assassin and can kill with lethal force completely undetected. He is skilled in concealment - he can disappear when he wants to. He is also exceptional at tracking targets and is highly intelligent. "Barnes has made a habit out of constantly studying his surroundings and depicting what he can and cannot do in whatever situation he should fall in much like his former partner, Captain America" - Marvel Comics Database


Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3

Bionic Arm - His Bionic Arm grants Bucky some degree of Superhuman strength, allowing him to punch through a metal robot and rip metal off of it's hinges. Scans shown above. His metal arm can also release an EMP. Again, scan shown above. Most notably though, he can discharge electrical bolts through the palm of his mechanical arm, which obviously aids him a lot in hand to hand combat.

Nega Bands - Bucky for this fight has been outfitted with Nega Bands, which grant him - Increased strength, putting him past peak human, increased invulnerability, putting his durability past peak human, the ability to absorb and manipulate various forms of energy and flight. As if Bucky wasn't dangerous enough. Can survive in space.

Sniper Rifle - Admantium/Anti-metal Rounds

Handgun - Adamantium/Anti-metal Rounds

Submachine Gun - Adamantium/Anti-metal Rounds

Combat Knife


Bullet-proof Armor

To round off this description of Winter Soldier, here are some quotes and scans of his achievements:

"He is skilled in stealth, demolitions, survival, deducing other persons ways of thinking and other fields"

"He has single-handedly beatenCrossbones, a squad of SHIELD agents, Wolverine and the Black Widow… and fought Captain America and Ironman to a standstill” - Marvel Comics Database

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5
Bucky defeating Wolverine and a group of Ninjas
Bucky shoots 3 of Hawkeyes Arrows being fired at him.
Bucky shoots 3 of Hawkeyes Arrows being fired at him.

Between Bucky's Adamantium bullets, enhanced physical stats, flight, expert marksmanship and stealth abilities, and his trusty bionic arm, he is definitely going to be one of my strongest team members.


The man who everyday wages a one-man war against crime in New York, the Punisher takes no prisoners.


Flight Ring - Grants Punisher flight
Aside from that, Punisher has no superhuman attributes, but has been described as having an extremely high pain tolerance. He has chosen to avoid taking pain medication in the past, as he believes that it is not worth the drowsiness and decrease in accuracy.
Frank has to rely on his ability in combat and great intelligence to be able to fight against superhuman advesaries.


Military Experience - Frank Castle is a Vietnam veteran and has served 4 years as a US marine.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3
Frank Castle defeats a group of SHIELD agents H2H with ease. Also, a showcase of his reaction time, he blocks Captain Americas shield with a machine gun. Cap himself shows how impressed he is in the scan.

Master Martial Artist - Frank has numerous years of combat experience under his belt from his time served in the military and from crime fighting, against both human and superhuman threats. The styles he uses are: Ryu Jujustu, Ninjutsu, Shorin-Ryu Karate, HwaRang Do and Chin Na. He is also an exceptionally skilled knife fighter, making him very dangerous considering he'll be carrying at least 4 combat knives. I've provided scans showing just how good he is H2H.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2
Punisher tags Spider-man by anticipating is movement. He even places two precision shots and takes off his webshooters.
Tags Burnout in a similar fashion to how he tagged Spider-man. She is clearly shown to be moving at speeds faster the human eye can even see clearly.
Tags Burnout in a similar fashion to how he tagged Spider-man. She is clearly shown to be moving at speeds faster the human eye can even see clearly.

An Extremely Skilled Marksman - "The Punisher has single-handedly incapacitated up to a dozen well-armed and experienced opponents in a single encounter and escaped uninjured" - Marvel Comics Database
I think we all know how dangerous this man is with any kind of firearm, but for those who don't, I've provided some scans as evidence. I have scans showing him to be capable of killing 5 armed opponents by himself, which also demonstrates his ability to hit critical kill locations on the body. Unfortunately I can't access them, but if you can take my word, that feat showcases his accuracy. 5 kills, 4 headshots, 1 lethal wound. Military precision.

Sheer determination and Rigorous training - Frank trains every single day of his life at the firing range and in H2H combat. He is always at the top of his game, and has the experience to compliment his skill.


5 Webshooters - Frank has been given 5 webshooters to train with for a month. These will be extremely useful in close situations and will offer him unique versatility. When dried, these webs can restrain the likes of Wolverine and Hulk. Also useful for disarming and incapacitating.

4 Combat Knives - This is standard loadout for Frank. A skilled knife fighter never leaves home without something to pull out his sleeve in a close situation.

Assault Rifle, 5+ mags and Handgun - The initial mag, and one extra for each tooth on the Skull on his armor. Anti-metal rounds.

Bullet-Proof Vest - Helpful

Again, extremely skilled and armed to the teeth. Don't worry, my team gets better.

Agent Venom

Flash Thompson, has bonded with the black Venom symbiote and has it under his control.


Flash, while carrying civilians, avoids machine gun fire and takes them to safety.
Flash, while carrying civilians, avoids machine gun fire and takes them to safety.

Superhuman Strength, Stamina, Durability, Speed, Agility, Reflexes, comparable to Spider-man - Has the strength to rip the head off a tank. Strong enough to engage Carnage in combat. Agile enough to avoid machine gun fire, scan provided.

Accelerated Healing Factor

Wall Crawling

ESP (Spider Sense)

Camouflage Capabilities

Can generate webbing from wrists

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3
Flash disarms/knocks down multiple enemies at once. Forms a handgun piece by piece in a couple of seconds. His tendrils throw an enemy across the room.

Can generate tendrils from Symbiote - These tendrils are one of the most useful weapons in Flash's arsenal. He is fantastically coordinated with them and they serve a number of purposes (such as carrying multiple weapons). Scans are provided of Flash's coordination with the tendrils.

Flash can shape change in order to create Bladed Weapons - Useful, huh?

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3

Flash can shapeshift - Flash is shown to have the ability to shapeshift in to whatever he can think of. This is an extremely useful ability, as it will allow him to take on the appearance of his enemies and mess with the other team. Scan provided.

Also worth noting the Venom symbiote can absorb poisonous gas
Also worth noting the Venom symbiote can absorb poisonous gas

I won't do a rundown of Flash's abilities, other than he has military training and is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant, after receiving formal training in boxing and from the US military. He is also an exceptional marksman. I will now quickly move onto his standard equipment.


No Caption Provided

The "Multi-gun" - "It's a firearm for every occasion." This fancy toy ranges from automatic machine gun to high powered sniper rifle. Scan provided. In this scenario it will be loaded with anti-metal rounds.

That's it for Flash. Time to round of the rundown of my team with Star-Lord.


Peter Quill. Leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy, intergalactic policeman.


Peak Human Physical Attributes - Strength, Durability, Agility, Stamina

Peak Human Mental Process - Star-Lord is able to process information at an enhanced rate and has an accelerated learning aptitude.

100% Recall - The memory chip in his brain grants him 100% recall (can remember anything). This is a very important factor in battle. He will be able to pick up on any mistakes and capitalize on them upon the second engagement.


Excellent Marksman - Not just anyone can take up the mantle of Star-Lord. Peter is a superb marksman and has used all types of weaponry from around the galaxy.

Credible Hand-to-hand Combatant - Expert hand to hand combatant and is trained in multiple fighting disciplines.

Master Planner and Strategist - Star-lord is a master strategist and problem solver. He is skilled in battle techniques allowing him to intelligently scope out a situation before battle.


Cybernetic Implants - Can see all energy spectrums, and the memory chip in his brain grants him 100% recall (can remember anything). This is a very important factor in battle. He will be able to pick up on any mistakes and capitalize on them upon the second engagement. (But I've already touched on that)

Battle Suit - His suit allows him to regulate oxygen in space, and in this scenario will also be complimented by Vibranium.

Battle Helmet - His battle helmet analyses strategy data and improves his vision.

Two Kree Submachine Guns - Two kree submachine guns with various bullets, including explosive. And anti-metal rounds.

Nth Metal Harness which allows gravity manipulation - This will be useful because of the earth moon gravity in this situation.

One Vibranium Dagger, One Nth Metal Dagger - If you even make it close enough to Peter, you have these lovely toys to deal with.


In my mind it will take something big to overcome my team.

  • I have the advantage in firepower, with my wide selection of submachine/machine/semi-auto/handguns, along with webshooting capabilities and the Saints of Killers gun.
  • Each one of my team members are lethal in hand-to-hand combat, whether it be via extensive experience and training, or vastly superior physical stats
  • I have the advantages of stealth and superior senses on my side. Between Flash's shapeshifting and Spider-sense, Star-Lords improved vision and ability to see energy and Blades extremely impressive senses, it will be extremely difficult to get the drop on my team. Oh did I mention sniper rifles? Yeah, they always help too.

Your move.

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I'll reply today. Finally have time tonight

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@diredrill: it's 10.15pm for me so i wont have a counter-post up until tomorrow, if he replies. So yeah if he posts don't start voting till I get back on.

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@i_like_swords: Don't worry, I'll allow some discourse to take place.

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Dwarfstar is to the atom, as the Reverse Flash is to the Flash. Wearing his dwarfstar belt, he can shrink to the size of an atom, and transverse in this size. Now, he's equipped with a vibranium Bowie knife (Which he loves to use when he rapes and maimes and proved himself very skillful with) and a vibranium suit. Not only that, he has a legionnaire flight ring, that will make transportation in size alot easier. See, Dwarfstar is very much so capable of getting inside someone's throat, and proceeding to expand back to normal size after invading the body. An easy way of taking out and killing your team, while your team are not capable of hitting him at his shrunken size.

Deathstroke is easily the most deadly person in this match up, even more so now that he's equipped with Vibranium armor, blades and Adamantium ammunition. But that's the least of your worry. He's also been given his very own Battle Computer. The infamous computer that helps Midnighter, and predicts the battle's outcome, and various ways of going about to dismantle a situation. As an added advantage, he has a Magnetic Baton. Much like the one Argus uses, and uses very well to unarm his enemies and relieve them of their weaponry. Weaponry, which I should point out, your team relies too heavily on.

Moving on to Prometheus: probably my best ace in the hole. Prometheus is already outfitted with his armor. But in addition, he's got the Tactigon. An alien machine which analyzes any given situation, and adapts to the user's immediate needs. Any weapon that may need to be had, Prometheus has got it. Armory, the human to have the Tactigon, used it to effectively one-shot an Ultimo machine.

And now Red Skull. As you may know, the Red Skull is in possession of Xavier's mind, giving his all the telepathic capabilities of the handicap mutant. He also has the Mind Gem here, which infinitely boosts his mental powers and can give me the instant win. Already, in Uncanny Avengers #2 and 3, he controlled Thor to do his bidding, while simultaneously forcing all humans in New York City to revolt against Mutantkind.

Strategy? Dwarfstar and Prometheus are together. Dwarfstar hanging to one of Prometheus' SPIN TECH darts. (Darts that put down anything of genetic anomaly. Effective enough that they proved successful in putting down an enraged She-hulk.)

What kind of effect would that have on Blade? Especially when it has it's pilot, Dwarfstar. Who can proceed to enter the bloodstream and absolutely rip Blade apart from the inside. From then on, it's pretty much biological warfare, as Dwarfstar proceeds to eliminate your team one-by-one. And you have no way of fighting back.

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@docnick firstly I'd like to note that the rules state "No telepathy above Mr X" so doesn't that mean Red Skull is disqualified? I don't think anyone in the tourney would have an answer for Professor X with Mind Gem level telepathy. @diredrill can you clear this up?

As for Dwarfstar I'm afraid you are wrong there, as I have plenty of members of my team capable of swatting him like a fly. Blades heightened senses will be sufficient to detect Dwarfstar here and Dwarfstar has no answer for Medusas Gaze. He takes one look at it and he becomes a little stone pebble. In addition if he became a large enough issue Blade would use the Saint of Killers gun which no matter what will kill him. He isn't going to be able to expand his size inside of Agent Venom as it would likely cause him to Vulk -out, and that wouldn't do great for your team. His Spider-sense rivals that of Peter Parkers and will alert him to the danger of Dwarfstar. All he must do is have one of his tendrils locate Dwarfstar and he will be crushed. He expands upon being captured by Venom, well now he has to fight Venom, and he's in plain sight of my entire team.

Deathstrokes magnetic baton won't do him any good. My team is using anti-metal rounds, meaning as soon as the Baton magnetically pulls one of those bullets it will liquify the baton in Deathstrokes hand. I wouldn't say Deathstroke is the deadliest person here by a longshot in terms of skill and weaponry. I'll explain why someone like Punisher or Winter Soldier will give him problems later on in my post, but in terms of H2H I don't see what answer he has for Blade, or Agent Venom. Superior senses, vastly superior physical stats, and more versatile weaponry. The battle computer isn't an instant win nor does it predict the future, so while it may cause problems for my team either of them will beat him H2H, while the rest of my team will have their talents being utilized elsewhere. Blade and Venom are the members of my team that are mostly likely to engage anyone in H2H.

What's special about Prometheus' armor? And how exactly will the Tactigon be used here because you haven't fully specified how it's going to cause problems for my team. As far as I know at the moment Prometheus dies via bullet to the head so I'm going to need a more compelling argument about him.

I already talked about Red Skull.

I don't think it would have any effect on Blade because Blade hasn't actually been genetically altered, he was born a Dhampir. Besides, I don't see how the dart is getting past Blades kevlar armor nor is it going to reach Blade before he moves out the way. He has a grapple hook built into one arm and the Blades of Exile, so he can pull himself out the way of the Dart using his superhuman strength, and continue to pursue Prometheus. Or he can use his enhanced reaction time and speed to dodge the dart. He will be able to see the dart at perfect clarity from a good distance away and this will allow him reaction time to move out the way. Aside from that it won't work on the Venom symbiote and none of my team members will be there to be shot by the Dart, so that's that strategy out the window. If by chance you got the shot on Winter Soldier, which you won't, his bionic arm has bullet reaction time, so it will swat the dart with ease. Punisher has reaction time able to block caps shield which Cap said himself very few people can do, so I'd say that is also sufficient reaction time to block a dart.

My strategy

Location and Setting

  • The location and setting is in my favor. I start in the old town which gives me a vast amount of options for positioning my team. Winter soldier and Punisher will take up sniping positions on some of the buildings in the town, giving them the drop on anyone. Agent Venoms multi-gun also gives him sniper rifle here. If their position is revealed (likely after putting a bullet through someone on your teams head) all they have to do is go down a few stories, fly out a window (thanks to their gear) and pick a new spot to snipe from. The only way you can get to these guys is by getting up close, and that will be next to impossible.
  • Blade, Star-Lord and Agent Venom will all aid the group in scouting for your team, allowing Punisher and Winter Soldier to get the drop on you. Blade has superhuman hearing, sight and smell. He will likely be able to even hear your team as they approach, if not smell them, if not see them.
  • Star-Lord also has improved vision via his battle helmet, so he will be able to cover more angles. Also thanks to his 100% recall and strategic prowess, he will be able to coordinate my team into better killing positions. Star-Lord can also detect energy spectrums so he will likely be the first one to see Heatwave, and anyone else on your team emitting any kind of energy. Star-lord has peak human mental processing speed, which means he can analyse information and scope out a situation before battle at high speeds and with great accuracy
  • Agent Venoms spider-sense will alert him to any kind of threat or danger your team poses, which again further reinforces how much of a drop my team has on you.


  • In terms of H2H combat, it's safe to say that you are simply outmatched by Agent Venom and Blade, unless you can prove otherwise. For anyone wondering how I can make this claim go ahead and look at the vast array of weapons I've given Blade, his physical stats, and Agent Venoms H2H feats. Night night Deathstroke. I'm also wondering what answer you have for Medusas gaze.
  • As far as range goes I also have you outmatched. Everyone on my team is armed with a gun. Our bullets range from anti-metal, which will liquify any metal on your teams body/gear on impact, adamantium, and even explosive. Pair this with the fact he have the complete drop on your team before they can even see us, and some brain are getting splattered.
  • I'd now like to talk a little more in detail about why Agent Venom is going to be such a massive factor here. These are the advantages he poses over your team: Camoflague. Flash can camoflague himself, get up close to your teammates, and it's basically up to him how he wants to proceed there. He can simply demolish them in H2H for reasons I've explained. Subdue them with webbing. Attack them with tendrils. Shoot them with with his machine gun. Shapeshift and take on the appearance of one of your team mates, causing mass confusion among your ranks, allowing my team just that moment longer to put rounds into you. He has way too much versatility here.
  • The Saints of Killers gun will be used on the member of your team who is the biggest threat. Since that is at this moment Dwarfstar he can be shot as soon as he is detected, which makes any strategy involving him useless.
  • Just to round off, I'll try and compile here the vast array weapons I have at my disposal which give me so many options:
  • Punisher: Webshooters. Assualt Rifle. Handgun. Flight Ring. 4 Combat Knives. Bullet-proof armor.
  • Starlord: Nth Metal Dagger. Vibranium Dagger. Two kree submachines. Vibranium armor
  • Winter Soldier: Sniper Rifle. Submachine gun. Handgun. Combat knife. Grenades. Nega Bands allowing flight and superhuman strength and durability. Bionic arm with bullet reaction time and superhuman strength. Adamantium rounds.
  • Blade: Blade of Olympus. Adamantium Blade. Blades of Exile. Medusas gaze. Machine gun built into-arm, operating by muscle twitches. Submachine gun. Saints of Killers gun allowing a one shot kill.
  • Agent Venom: Multi-gun (Machine gun and Sniper Rifle in one). Tendrils. Webbing. Camoflague. Shapeshifting. Spider-Sense. Physical stats comparable to Spider-Man.
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@docnick: @i_like_swords: Red Skull will be without his telepathy but it matters not because he has been given the Mind Gem which makes Xavier's telepathy look like crap.

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@diredrill: Fair enough I guess... seems slightly broken that you can't have characters with Xavier telepathy but can have an item that is way above that level. Need sufficient mind gem feats though.

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@i_like_swords: You can't have a character with more speed than Spider-man and there are several items that provide lightspeed. You can't have a character stronger than Spider-man and there are a number of items that provide 100+ ton strength. The limits only apply to the characters, not the items that are bought.

I am not saying that having the Mind Gem is an autowin, it is still up to Docnick to provide proper application of it.

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@diredrill: Suppose. It's just not everyones team has resistance to telepathy specifically so that's kind of a big thing. We'll see how it plays out.

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@i_like_swords: Building a well rounded team and choosing items to shore up weaknesses like telepathy is a big part of the tourney. Failing to provide protection, you do so at your own peril.

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I've talked a bunch about my teams overall strength so I'm just going to go over the biggest factor here before the winner is determined. Either Red Skull or Dwarfstar are the biggest factors here, right? I've talked about how Dwarfstar atom shrinking doesn't grant him the win, and Red Skull is an autowin for your team(Mind Gem still needs feats from non-telepaths). Based on that I believe my Saints of Killers gun will be used on Red Skull right off the bat. Blade will pick up on the Supernatural force of the mind gem, allowing him to know where Red Skull is and fire an unmissable shot at him. I've given my answer for Dwarfstar in the above post and now Red Skull, as well as talked about a bunch of other stuff. I've provided scans for my claims and provided quite a lot more information on my team and my strategy than my opponent, and he hasn't provided scans for his claims. I'm confident in my teams ability to win in this scenario.

I'll now leave it in the hands of whoever determines the winner. @diredrill@docnick

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My vote goes towards i_like_swords. For one, he basically handicapped Nick's team 4v5 with both of them, effectively, having no high tier items. That's the gambit one takes when you take the Mind Gem, I suppose. Secondly, Nick seemed to not really go into detail on why Prometheus or Dwarf Star would effectively beat Swords' team, much less did he counter any of Swords' usage of his gear. Sword's made a pointed effort to respond to basically every piece of gear Nick used, or atleast question how Nick would use some of his gear (the Prometheus suit, for instance).

If I had to give Nick advice, it'd probably be to post more? Respond directly to i_like_sword's posts and the gear he states he's using? It seems as though Nick got hung up on a lack of time in real life. I believe he may have had the tools in his team composition to win, he just didn't effectively use them.

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~Battle Starts~

-Red Skull starts using the Mind Gem

-Dwarfstar shrinks

-Somebody shoots the Saint of Killer's Gun, killing Red Skull

-It's now a shrunken Dwarfstar,Tactigon Prometheus, Battle Computer Deathstroke vs Ilikesword's forces.

-Ilikesword wins

@i_like_swords: Congratulations.

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I'm voting for i_like_swords. The devil is in the details, and he had an awful lot of details in his posts. He was extremely thorough and made an excellent effort to counter all of Docnick's points. With the mind gem taking out of play by SoK's gun, Nick needed to come up with a reason that his team wouldn't get sniped by ILS' impressive array of marksman, and he never showed any.

Nick's a good debater with an interesting team, he just needed to find more time to actually debate for them.

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As 3 votes are all that are needed for an uncontested majority, I am calling this now.

@i_like_swords is the winner. I would like to thank @docnick for competing as well as the judges for rendering a quick and apt judgement.

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I vote for @i_like_swords.. AWW MAN. I literally just got done reading and made my decision, but I'm too late -_-

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@i_like_swords said:


It's all about Heart Man? I DEFY YOU HEART MAN!!!

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@i_like_swords said:


It's all about Heart Man? I DEFY YOU HEART MAN!!!

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I now fully understand why you are called the "Jokergeist." That was hilarious.