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Seeking further amusement after his encounter with Superman Prime, Mr. Mxyzptlk asks TOAA and Man of Action for permission to hold a little battle between Ben and Julian. They agree and send them both to Mxy. Ben has been told by a fake Grandpa Max that a boy named Hellion has killed Gwen and was last seen sleeping in his school's parking lot. Hellion wakes up after a long sleep and finds himself  on top of a car. He then sees an astral image of Emma Frost warning him of a boy in a green jacket thats coming for him. She tells him that ths boy is very dangerous and has killed Sofia. Mxy assures TOAA and Man of Action that he'll revive them both if one is killed. They start 30 yards away.

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If Julian thinks that Ben killed Sophie, then I believe he would telekinetically rip him to pieces before Ben has the chance to use to the Omnitrix.

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Hellion kills him

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Hellion kills him...vicously.

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Emerald_General_Jai said:
"Hellion kills him...vicously."

geraldthesloth said:
"Hellion kills him"

brutal pwnage!
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What would happen in this fight is about the same as what would happen if Rick Jones told Ares all his weapons were a clear sign of compensating.

Which is a horrible death by the way.

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Keller will telekinetically rip Ben's arm off and shove it up his rear.

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