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Poll: Beginning Of Series Protagonist Battle Royale (6 votes)

BOS Kid Goku 0%
BOS Yusuke 0%
BOS Gon 0%
BOS Luffy 17%
BOS Kid Naruto 0%
BOS Ichigo 17%
BOS Natsu 0%
BOS Toriko 67%
BOS Deku 0%
BOS Hachimaru 0%

Basically Beginning Of Series version of the character in the first 3 episodes.

10 meter distance from each other

Who wins ?

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#1 Posted by ovy7 (3283 posts) - - Show Bio

No idea about Hachimaru and Natsu, but the fight is between Toriko, Deku (with 100%), Luffy, and maybe Ichigo/Naruto. From them, I think Toriko can probably win.

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#2 Posted by Mister_Stark (1532 posts) - - Show Bio

Hachimaru has zero feats, Luffy probably wins this.

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Toriko for sure.

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Where is Mel?

Also Toriko. Wins

If Mel was here he'd solo them all probably 😂