Batwoman Vs Black Widow

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Batwoman  Vs Black Widow

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Black Widow.

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Batwoman doesn't have anything better than simple military training and she's still recovering physically and mentally from getting her heart ripped out. I hate Black Widow but she has this.

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 I'm going to go with Black Widow.

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Black Widow ftw

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Black Widow

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Widow is more skilled, but new 52 Batwoman has a pretty massive edge in gear.

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Agent Romanoff

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I'll go against the grain and say Batwoman has what it takes to pull a majority here.

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I delete my previous comment, and since now I've seen good feats from Batwoman, I think she has chances to win (due to gear, of course)...

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my girl kate

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Black Widow, 7/10.

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Batwoman because of gear and gadgets.