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Battle of the Week Results!

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For this weeks battle of the week we put Quasar against Captain Atom! 38% present voted for Quasar, 46% voted for Captain Atom, and 13% voted too close to call! What did fellow viners have to say?

Arguments of the week:

@giliad_ said:

Quasar has superior energy absorption and manipulative capabilities however this isn't too say Cap'n's outclassed. While "Quantum Jumping" can prove limiting for Nathaniel in many situations it's often the rate at which he is forced to intake energy, rather than the magnitude - which is allegedly not limited. Quasar won't be able to drain & incapacitate Cap'n for the same reason he can't incapacitate Norrin. Moreover while Cap'n is able to, reasonably, defend against Quasar's advantages, I don't see Quasar being able to compete with Nate's physical superiority - being able to sponge and trade hits with Kryptonian level powerhouses. They've both got their respective strengths and shortcomings however I feel Captain Atom is the more well rounded. Captain Atom 7/10.

@owie said:

Crap, I was going to make a bunch of classic Quasar scans months ago, and never got around to it. Guess I need to take a look back at those issues now.

While my direct knowledge of Atom is low, I would say it could probably go either way. Possibly the fact that they're in character gives Quasar an advantage, since an immoral Atom could use his transformational powers directly on Vaughan, but I'm guessing an in-character Atom would not. But, I'd be happy to hear of examples of where an in-character Atom has transformed people in the past. It's always hard in a hero on hero battle to know how hard they're going to fight--is it a situation where there's mistaken identity, and they think the other guy is a bad guy, so they're going all out, or where they know it's a good guy, and they're just mad at him, or he's standing in the way of some strategic goal? This kind of motivational hair-splitting doesn't always matter, but it does when it comes to turning the other guy into a chunk of coal.

Atom's strength and innate durability do give him some advantages though, since he's got them no matter what, while Quasar's durability is dependent on the quantum bands being charged and active.

Ok, after going over some appearances of both characters and thinking about some of their feats, I came up with the best case scenario for both characters and why I think one of them will come out on top over another one. First of, we know BFR is not allowed and both of these guys are In Character. Second, I am pretty sure Wendell is in his standard incarnation and feats he preformed and powers he had during the time he was a being of pure energy, do not imply in this fight.

When it comes to fight overall, Quasar's constructs will be useless as a weapon. The can't hurt someone as durable as Atom who tanked blows from Majestic and amped Apollo. Quasar can only use his constructs to defend himself. When it comes to energy projection, I doubt Cap will use those and even if he does, they will be useless against Quasar who can easily manipulate and absorb those energies as well as tank those attacks.

When it comes to speed, traveling speed doesn't really matter. Both of these guys have a decent reaction/reflexes but when it comes to combat speed, I think Cap has the advantage in that category. However, his strength won't be enough to shatter Quasar's shields who tanked blows from greatest Marvel Powerhouses at the same time. Still, Cap can access Quantum Field which is unlimited source of power. He can use those energies to amp his strength to unlimited levels and eventually shatter Wendell's constructs and even without those amps, he was strong enough to hold his own against Majestic and amped Apollo.

Now there is that generic argument with Quasar winning by draining, absorbing and manipulating Cap's energies which is also a good counter for gaining access of the Quantum Field and increasing his strength. That tactic won't work on Cap. While he can't actually manipulate Quasar's own energy, he can manipulate his own which is a counter for Quasar's tactic and Cap proved to be one of the most powerful energy manipulators in the DC Universe, powerful enough to hold his own and even overpower Nekron.

I don't think he will try something like that in this fight but Quasar won't be able to drain Cap because he can just access more energies of the Quantum Field. He literally has unlimited amount of energy to use and his energy manipulation is good enough to counter draining. Plus, how is he gonna manipulate Cap's energies if he relies on brawling? Cap already has better combat speed and can eventually go through Quasar's durability while being powerful energy manipulator himself.

I know Quasar can manipulate energies in span of nanoseconds but it won't do him any good against a guy who has a counter for it.

If Wendell tries to use energy projection, Cap can just absorb it. Cap absorbed energies from Monarch who was not only powerful enough to take down various heralds and high tiers, but his blasts were so powerful that Cap was actually able to amp himself closer to Monarch's level when he absorbed them.

Even if Wendell prevents that from happening, how is Wendell gonna take Cap down? The guy already has superior combat speed and besides energy projection and absorption (which are useless for reasons mentioned above), Wendell only has constructs which are useless as damage output. He can try and try but Cap is just gonna manipulate his own energy to stop Wendell from manipulating and absorbing his own while tapping into the Quantum Energies and increasing his strength, speed, durability and senses.

Overall, the only option Quasar has is draining Cap and manipulating his energies which won't help him. Cap is just too good in the field of energy manipulation. Wendell is good and maybe even better when it comes to overall versatility his powers are giving him but he can't use his own versatility against Cap. While Quasar tries to take him down and failing, Cap can just increase all of his physical abilities and eventually, become too powerful for Quasar to handle. And if Wendell proves to be difficult to take down, Cap can always use his ability to manipulate matter which Quasar can't do and he didn't really resist it, at least he did not resist matter manipulation preformed by people on Cap's level (to my knowledge).

All in all, Captain Atom wins in a good fight.

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Thanks again for any support and help for these sporadic fun comments. Battle Forums have a lot to offer in terms of discussion, Tournaments, and Challenge a Viner. The only place to discuss dream matches you would never get to discuss anywhere else. Also if there is any artist who like to make some art for these segments, please do PM me. I post regularly in the Artist Show Off for talent want to make a quick sketch for recognition of their skills.

Also big thanks to...

k4tzm4n, Sirfizzwhizz, Laflux, Lukehero, TheNewBlueBeetle007, HigorM, Cosmicallyaware1, Floopay, YourNeighborhoodComicGeek, Wyldsong, Lvenger, Tparks, as well any others who jump on board with this project.

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No real argument for Quasar tho.

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  • Ya see...This is a damn good match up.
  • Not sure who wins this...But if i had to bet money id back Adams.
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No real argument for Quasar tho.

You certainly had the most thorough analysis this week. Nice work.

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