Battle Of The Week Results: Ms.Marvel VS Invincible

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Battle Of The Week Results!

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For this weeks battle of the week we put the beautiful Carol Danvers against skybound's favorite power house Invincible! Invincible took the win with 50% of the votes! What did your fellow viners have to say about this one? Lets find out!

Arguments of the Week:

@floopay (in addressing Binary):

Binary isn't that powerful in standard. Even tapping into Binary she was being walked on by the Collective. While not a terrible feat, it does prove that she isn't on that level in standard.

It's not out of character for Miss Marvel to tap into her Binary powers, as shown in the Skrull Invasion and a few other story arcs. However, even in Skrull Invasion she had issues dealing with a Hulk Skrull Clone (resorted to BFR, and said she could barely get him to space considering his strength), and a Doom-Corps Super Skrull knockoff was wailing on her pretty hard before she defeated him.

So even in character, and with access to Binary, it's hard to say Miss Marvel could walk all over Mark considering all of her best showings.

Binary is often overrated as a character. In order for her to truly enter the "Planet Buster" levels of power, she has to absorb an enormous amount of energy or receive some kind of amp. Generally speaking, Binary is just a temporary amp she receives when she pulls a lot of power form the city, an opponent, or etc. Making her slightly more powerful than her standard self.

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Mark can beat Carol when she`s just at base levels but he won`t stand a chance against Binary. Mark`s advantages lies within his strength, willpower and being a convincing combatant while Carol on the other hand has versatility, raw power and experience. I think Mark will take less damage and deal more damage in the long run but once Carol goes Binary he won`t be able to contend for too long.

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Thanks again for any support and help for these sporadic fun comments. Battle Forums have alot to offer in terms of discussion, Tournaments, and Challenge a Viner. The only place to discuss dream matches you would never get to discuss anywhere else. Also if there is any artist who like to make some art for these segments, please do PM me. I post regularly in the Artist Show Off for talent want to make a quick sketch for recognition of their skills.

Also big thanks to...

k4tzm4n, sirfizwhizz, Laflux, Lukehero, TheNewBlueBeetle007, HigorM, Cosmicallyaware1, Floopay, YourNeighborhoodComicGeek, Wyldsong, Lvenger, Tparks, as well any others who jump on board with this project

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Nice to get a high tier BOW for a change but I guess street level BOW seem more popular consistently. Never mind, next week's BOW should interest some specific niche debaters on CV in the video game department ;)

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Well, damn. I am just so damn surprise by the outcome. Im glad, just cannot believe Mark got his dues.