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-Contestants: BJ Blazkowicz (Wolfenstein), Ash Williams (Evil Dead), Punisher (Marvel), Duke Nukem (Duke Nukem), Doomguy (Doom), Deathstroke (DC)

-Doomguy does not get Doom 2016 or Doom Eternal in his feats, only classic doom

-Ash has his boomstick with his chainsaw arm

-B.J has duel auto rifles, a pistol and a grenade

-No Ikon suit for Deathstroke

-No PIS feats for anyone (no "punisher beat Sentry" or "deathstroke beat Superman" or something"

-All powerups apply

-Only hard feats apply, no implied or assumed feats

-No prep

-Win only by death

-Fight takes place in the Avengers Mansion ruins from Endgame

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Deathstroke stomps.

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The superhuman wrecks house

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either or

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My money is on Frank as he always finds a way to punch out of his weightclass, but Slade is BMoC.

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This isn’t a battle....

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@killerwasp: sure it is, Slade does not have armor and this is a gunfight. He is not so superior that it is impossible he gets hit.

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@six-deuce: this isn’t a battle it’s a fight

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Some have specified equipment. What does Doomguy, Slade, & Frank have here? It makes a difference.

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Frank has a full auto rifle, two pistols, a shotgun and a grenade launcher. Doomguy has the chaingun, the handgun, the chainsaw and the rocket launcher (powerups can be found around the arena), Deathstroke has two katanas, a sniper rifle, a pistol and a semi auto rifle. And I said Battle of the Badasses cuz it sounds cooler than Fight of the Badasses