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Luthor vs. Magneto vs. Sinestro vs. Doom vs. Cheetah vs. Joker vs. Green Goblin(Ultimate) vs. Black Manta vs. Zoom vs. Red Skull vs. Mandarin vs. Kingpin vs. Vengence vs. Baron Mordo

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Zoom wins. No one here could ever touch him
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Most random ass assortment of villains....

Magneto, Sinestro, Doom, Mandarin, and Baron Mordo are in one class.
Cheetah's a bit behind with Vengence being a bit behind that.
Luthor, Joker, Ultimate Goblin, Black Manta, Red Skull and Kingpin are all such lightweights that I don't even know why you included them.  Any of the others could take the whole group.

Zoom's of course beyond all of them and if he wasn't fighting in character, he could probably take the whole lot on his own.

Seriously, ID.  You gotta stop just making fights with the first 15 people who pop into your head.  Put some thought into it.  Make sure the fight isn't a curbstomp.  Make sure you don't include characters that don't have a prayer of winning.

And for gosh sakes provide rules/setting for your matches.

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does Sinestro have his corps to back him up?