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-Battle will take place at this arena

-Each have their own standard gear

-No prep

-Morals are off

-They are bloodlusted

-KO, incap, or death

-They are 100 feet apart

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I'll take Battle Beast. He just seems more stronger, not to mention his ruthlessness and pain tolerance is extreme.

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Love seeing battle beast on the boards! I can see him taking the fight with difficulty if skaars old power is removed.

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Battle Beast! Love Skaar but BB should be the superior combatant. This dude beats people on low level kryptonian strength levels.

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Battle Beast. Stats are near same, but from what I seen BB is more skilled, and fought low level Kryptonians 2 or 3 at a time. Recently he fought Thragg on a near even level.

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@sirfizzwhizz: To me, Battle Beast seems supperior to Thragg, but I agree with the rest.