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Batman and the Punisher


Green Arrow / Hawkeye


  1. Standard Equipment (For Frank, pretty much anything he's used in his standard arsenal)
  2. 2 Hours Prep, purely for tactical and strategic purposes
  3. Morals On
  4. In Character
  5. Bloodlust Off
  6. No BFR


Both are hunting each other, and start on opposite ends of this amusement park.

Lets say that's 1 mile away.

It's Dusk, with 1 hour of light left before it's dark out, in which case the place will be mildly lit because of the amusement park's lights.

This place is abandoned

Round 1:

Main Universe (616) Punisher and New 52 Batman


Main Universe (616) Hawkeye and New 52 Green Arrow

Round 2:

Punisher MAX and Frank Miller Batman


Ultimate Hawkeye and Pre-New 52 Green Arrow

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Round 1 bats and punisher

Round 2Hawkeye and green arrow

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Team 1 and since ultimate Hawkeye is in round 2 maybe they'd have a chance.

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Frank's standard equipment has a way better range than the archers standard equipment. He could just keep them occupied with gunfire while Batman sneaky sneaks his way behind them.