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Punisher shoots him in the face.

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Batman in a good fight.

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@kingbatman: The Punisher would just light Batman up and its spelled either btw

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Oh great, the one serious character in all of comics that I hate more than Batman. Anyway, Batman wrecks.

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@makhai said:

Oh great, the one serious character in all of comics that I hate more than Batman. Anyway, Batman wrecks.


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You have to make Batman naked, starved, drugged, and sleep deprived to make this a fair fight. Batman wrecks that loser Punisher.

Don't be disrespectful. If you think that, why don't we do a CaV Punisher vs Batman?

Honestly this could go either way. Punisher is a basically Flashpoint Batman. But I would give the slight edge to Frank.

Punisher is a player in this fight, to think otherwise means you don't anything about the character or what he is capable of, to think this is a stomp, makes me think your mother should of swallowed you. Bruce's biggest mistake would be underestimating him. To say that Batman fights guys like the Punisher all the time is complete BS. He has never fought someone like Frank. Frank is a solider at war. He is a skilled combatant and arguably the best marksmen in the MU. He has done incredible things for being just a man. He has BFR'd the Hulk. Taken on the Avengers and gave them a helluva fight. He has tagged Spider-man, Burnout, Daredevil, and an actively dodging Wolverine. He has knocked Cap's shield out of the air with the butt of his Rifle. Not to mention he insane ruthless aggression. He will do anything to win, including biting, scratching, eye grouching and crotch shots. His pain threshold makes Batman's look like a joke. He is arguably the toughest character in the MU. Having had his throat cut, hand sliced off, and stabbed in the chest and not only being able to stand but also continues to fight. Also Frank has an odd almost sixth sense when it comes to ambushes. Lastly, Punisher is willing to kill. That is a huge advantage in his(Frank) favor.

I understand this IS Batman, he is an incredible man. His H2H is great and if this was strictly hand to hand. I would give Bruce the win. But it isn't. Yes, he has fought Deadshot but as many people have pointed out, Deadshot often pulls his shots. I think that Bruce is faster, stronger and a better fighter. I would argue that when it comes to tactical superiority that they are about even. Gear is also arguable as well. Yes, Batman has some really fancy and cool gadgets. But what would you rather take to a fight, a batarang or a M1911 that has been modified all to hell? Bruce would make this a fight without a doubt it won't be easy for Frank. But Bruce goes for Incap, Frank goes for the kill.

This a fight in a tight enclosed space where there is very little maneuverability. Batman can't use his superior agility to dodge bullets as easily. They have standard gear. Which means Frank has armor piercing rounds. Not to mention that all of his guns are modified to be better. He will have grenades, and flashbangs without a doubt, and as always his handy dandy Ka-Bar. Yes, Batman is quiet the bullet timer. But when has he dodged bullets from a guy like Frank? Dodging bullets from scared thugs isn't impressive. I mean Frank would have killed Osbourn from 2 miles away if not for Sentry. He has shot a man's finger off from the top of a building. Not mention he has stated that he could kill someone from 4000 yards away recently.

Me and my brother talk about this frequently. He is a huge Batman fan and even admits that Batman loses this fight. Mainly due to Frank's willingness to kill, his brutal style of fighting, and his almost super human like aim . I have come a long way with Batman. I use to hate him. Hell, I created a thread on why I hate him on the Vine which is still going lol. But then I realized that, I don't hate him, I hate his fanboys. But, Batman, the character, has earned my respect. This is one of my favorite speeches of all time.

Loading Video...

I take nothing away from Batman. These characters are very similar but also very different. Please stop saying this is a stomp in favor of Batman, because it isn't. It is almost even.

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Batman wins but not before Punisher gets him good a few times.

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Everytime Op doesn't specify I'll say Batman.

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Been done a 100 times batman stomps with near ease .

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@oni_bane: Batman goes toe to toe with Deathstroke, why wouldn't he just beat Punisher?

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Still Batman

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@oni_bane: Batman goes toe to toe with Deathstroke, why wouldn't he just beat Punisher?

Batman gets his @$$ handed to him by DS. Like I said you wanna CaV me about it

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Batman throws a batarang and Punisher runs away like a little girl.

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Batman holds his own until DS' superior physicals give him the win. Punisher being inferior to DS in every way and inferior to batman in every way make this a stomp.

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Batman should win this. Punisher's not bringing anything to the table he hasn't seen (and overcome) before. I'm not sure the same can be said for the Punisher. It would be a good fight, and one that deserves to go to the 'scorecards' as it were, but Batman should win the majority.

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@cody1984: Batman has bulletproof armour, in the JLA comics he has really good armour that can stop him from being shot long enough to take Punisher out.

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Batman most likely, if it's a big sewer with a lot of dark places to hide, yep then it goes to Batman for sure! Punisher would only have chance when the sewer is just one-sided and he is wearing top notch guns, like automatics and stuff.....

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@oni_bane: thanks for that video, it was awesome, origins captured what the bat symbol was meant to be.

I still pick bats for the majority though

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A ninja master of stealth vs a loud abrasive gunslinger in a dark gloomy environment?

It'd be entertaining watching Punisher's suppressive fire make things difficult for Batman but I think Batman is simply too good at cat and mouse. If Batman runs into him, he'll use a smoke bomb to cover his retreat, then knowing what he's up against strategize a way to make the Punisher play his game. After shooting ghosts, Punisher gets knocked out by the bat he couldn't see coming.

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Batarang to the wrist and the it's H2H where Bruce dominates

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@oni_bane: Sewers are not a single tube that constructs movement.

They are a maze of tubes that constrict movement.

And the tubes vary in diameter from too small to crawl through to wide enough for two lane cart travel.

Bat man fans assume that Batman's armor makes him impervious like a Justice Leaguer.

The least Thinking Punisher fans write the fight off as a turkey shoot.

Your post is one of the best on this thread for why Punisher could win this. But, I disagree with your conclusion. The reason was established at the end of year One. Escalation.

Bat man and Punishers are self made apex predators of those that prey on the powerless. Punished can rely on a network of sympathizers to provide funds and Intel on his targets. Frank also has the fact that he was born and raised in the working class neighborhoods of Gotham

(another name for New York irl) to form some basis for why he uses the tactics he does. This is also why Punisher vs Daredevil is so much more interesting than Bat man vs Daredevil.

Bat man brings great natural born aptitude that was forged to their limit physically and mentally. His resources were among the greatest heirs of two dynasties, the Kane and Wayne family fortunes. Bruce Wayne is the only heir of the Wayne family fortune as well as a principal inheritor of the more massive Kane family holdings. This is important for two reasons.

One. For Batman to be effective, he needs to be above and beyond what criminals believe they can deal with. He tried to accomplish his mission with his gear discreet and in street clothes. The results were immortalized in Shaman and Year One (near death). He was able to get the job done by creating a silhouette that suggested something superhuman on first glance. And the criminal world adapted by supporting criminals that showed many marks of reaching the upper classes of society; advanced degrees (scarecrow, man bat, Harley Quinn, hush, the architect, Mr freeze, Hugo strange, Dr death, Dr phosphorous, and on and on), positions of social authority (comm. Loeb, det. Flass, two face, Rupert Thorne, black mask, and only a few other dirty cops), and global conspiracies and superhumans (ivy, freeze, phosphorous, clayface, and Dr. Toxic, league of assassins, basilisk, Checkmate, Spiral, and a couple others)

Bat man can fight those bigger threats with his resources. Which leads to the bigger difference in their styles.

Batman is not from the Gotham he is fighting for. Punisher is from Hell's Kitchen, when he went on a rampage, the people there knew why and could see the reasons. Bat man cannot do the same thing because his family has none of the shared background. The collateral would not build his cause of making the city safer. Which is a reason that his standard armor and gear are not as advanced as what is used anywhere else in the DC universe. Most superheroes act with a social legitimacy that a character like Bat man can never really have.

This long explanation of my opinion of what defines each character is the basis of why Bat man would win in this sewer fight if he has the ability to move to some cover.

Punisher is not limited to street level gear, but using the sci fi tech includes the possibility of sci fi damage to the city. He can get it and use it, but he avoids it until needed.

Batman by default has to use technology above what professional and we'll funded criminals would have access to because of his lack of offensive weapons, batarangs are even less effective weapons than Billy clubs. And, he needs to have some protection from any of a wide assortment of superhuman opponents. Which means that his body armor will be above military grade Kevlar in lightness and effectiveness, but it is not so strong that he can wade through machine gun fire. And Batman is enough of a bullet timer that he has no look dodged sniper rounds as well as punched pistol bullets from the air at his peak.

This really is a matter of Punisher having a dominant offensive edge against Batman having a huge assortment of defensive options and tech. And they should be enough to win him the day. Sonics, flash bangs, ice pellets, gasses, multi ton strength restraints, tazers that can knock out a giant squid, Pellet grenades, multi setting lasers. And hologram projectors

This all requires that the setting be such that he can still avoid the direct line of fire from Punisher. Which he could reasonably do if he is at a sewer intersection.

If he is in the constricted tube with barely enough room to stand, he dies.

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BUMP! I really think this could go either way but i'm leaning towards punisher just a little bit because of the fact that he has incredible aim and reflexes showcased by the fact that he hit spiderman and i also believe he hit a speedster once if i'm not mistaken and also his amazing mental recistance to pain (which i think is better than batman's) should probably give him the win even though batman's gear is better, franks armor is still pretty good (not as good as batman's) but still pretty good and since batman doesn't use deadly force franks armor should sustain him very long. Also Frank has armor piercing rounds which if fired enough will start tearing trough batman's armor and he's also probably gonna go for the kill so he's not gonna hold back. Also frank is a very good tactician not really as good as batman but he is still very good and when he formulates a plan the plan is about killing your opponent not subduing them which gives frank more options.

However while i think Frank is good in h2h combat he's probably no where near as good as batman so if this fight was to come down to h2h combat and if frank has wasted all his ammo and equipment he's getting stomped big time and i also think batman is the greater tactician so he could formulate a plan to subdue frank or defeat him in some way shape or form but again i say Frank takes this for the reasons i listed above.

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No prep I'm thinking 50/50. All it takes is one well placed kill shot on Bruce and it is over. On the other hand, I think if Bats gets in he wins. If I had to guess, I would say he isn't getting in.

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@comicbooklover90: Eventually, Punisher will kill Batman. Why? Batman will only at best injure the Punisher, who will then go to Blackgate or Arkham, massacre the inmates inside as a favor to Gotham, and coming out, he won't have a problem figuring out that Bruce Wayne is Batman, he will then snipe Batman with an obvious supersonic bullet while he is sitting in the office at Wayne Enterprises. I hate to say it, but all of this is what the Punisher does, and at the end of the day, he will be the new Savior of Gotham, with all the scum that Batman allows to murder to their pleasure by sending them to prisons or Arkham where they obviously escape, getting put down by the new hero that kills.

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the punisher easily. he carries more lethal gear. a gun beats a batterang anytime. the punisher doesn't do all that PIS crap that allows bats to win. he will just shoot bats and be done with it.

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Probably Batman

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Cool battle,

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@suemorphplus209: You are very much right, I'm pretty sure punisher would probably feel a little bad about killing batman but again he probably would also blame him for just not killing the joker, penguin and two face and all the villains that batman just sent to prison instead of actually just ending them forever and preventing more loss of life.

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@suemorphplus209: he'd die horribly if he ever went to any of those places looking to kill everybody.

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You mean the places that contain killer croc, bane, slade Wilson from time to time, joker etc etc? All of whom could easily kill punisher. Plus he's going into wherever with several broken bones.

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@comicbooklover90: Batman would win if you think the Punisher will shoot him to death your wrong because not even Deadshot is able to hit batman (he has but its rare) and Deadshot is one of the best shots in comic book history.

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@notaidiotidoit: That's definently not what i'm saying i just think that Frank could kill batman because he has amazing aim and reflexes. and he's with out a doubt going to miss alot of shots but eventually batman will get hit and frank might even figure out batman's weakpoints (the places where batman doesn't have armor or where his armor is the weakest) or he could just hit him in the mouth since he has no armor there. AGAIN this will not be easy i would say frank takes this 51/50 times and he's lucky if he wins and batman would also be lucky if he won so this is very even.

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Punisher in a stomp.

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The Punisher would need to keep Batman in plan sight and keep a distance between them to stop Batman. The Punisher has the edge in firearms and explosives and isn't afraid to take a life. In many ways the Punisher is a marvel version of Deadshot from DC. Both know their weapons.
The problem here is Batman can disappear and is the master of stealth. He can vanish before the Punisher gets a shot on him. Not to mention Batman has 127 fighting styles and high tech weapons the Punisher wouldn't know of or know how to respond to.
It basically comes down to distance. If the Punisher can get a shot on Batman before Batman gets close enough to him to do damage then the Punisher wins this. If Batman gets close enough to the Punisher without being seen which is a 100 percent chance of happening Batman wins.

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I would have to say the Punisher, if we assume that both fighters are using their gear to the best of their ability, than we have to go with who has the more powerful offensive weapons. Punisher uses modified armor piercing rounds and is a dead eye with these weapons. If Bat-Man has his standard suit his suit will get pierced by Punisher. Punishers armor piercing modified rounds are more powerful than anything Batman carries on the standard. I just don't think a batarang is enough to take out punisher when you see the amount of damage he has taken. Batman has smoke pellets and Flash Gernades, while Punisher has these items plus actually real high powered altered Frag Grenades that can destroy at a wider radius, not to mention he has all the skills to use it. Yeah I know that Batman is good at dodging machine gun fire from standard hoods, but nothing about punisher is standard, and he is more ruthless and willing to kill than any of those hoods.

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Under the right circumstances the Punisher could actually win. I would at least give him 3/10, but Bats probably wins the majority.

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Batman for the win!!!!! (Batman uses Disruptor to render Frank's guns useless, then punches him in the face!)

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In a sewer? Franl could win cause of the enclosed area

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In no way will i downplay batman's feats, but people seem to be downplaying Frank.

1)Taking on deadpool disguised as a pizza delivery person.

2) fighting Daken even though he lost and died, he done considerably well.

3) Beating wolverine.

4) Taking on bullseye.

5)fighting kraven the hunter.

6) Shooting spidey's web shooters.

7) standing toe to toe with daredevil.

8) beating a whole squad of Vietnamese soldiers with an empty m16.

9) breaking into the baxter building while he teamed up with cap during the civil war comic and taking a beating from cap.

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Punisher wins

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@lord-parallax: @adamameen: Nope Fanboys

Batman eats a hot dog and one hand stomps punish guy .