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Mr. Mxyzptlk did some strange things before the fight.

Edited a few things.


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This park, both teams start at opposite ends of the park. During the fight it will be free of any civilians.

Information on Characters:


He's the comics Batman from before the reboot.

He's got to wear the Adam West Batman costume. (Just be glad it's not Batman and Robin)

He's only blood lusted against Daredevil.

Morals on.

Christian Bale voice on.

Standard Bat Equipment. (Batarangs, Grappling Hook, Smoke pellets x2, Shark-Repellent Bat-spray)

Punches and attacks make the sound effects. (e.g. Pow, Zok, Bam...)

3 minute prep time.

Can call Nightwing, Oracle, all Robins and Alfred in to cheer him and Spider-Man on, but not interfere.

Only knows Daredevil from the movie (but not his identity).


He's the post-Other Spider-Man from the JMS era

Has to wear the Bombastic Bagman costume, which consists of an official Fantastic Four costume and a paper bag.

Gets organic web.

Has magic that keeps his paper bag from falling off, being pulled off, or destroyed.

Morals on

Won't hold back against Captain America.

Is married to Mary Jane Watson-Parker, who gave him a pep-talk 30 minutes before, so he's got high morale.

Aunt May packed him a nice lunch.

Heard about Green Arrow from the TV series.


Captain America:

Has to wear this:

Standard Equips

Gets 14 minutes of prep time.


He's the comics Daredevil.

He's got to wear this. (It doesn't interfere with his agility and makes no noise)

He gets 3 hours of prep time, and 20 minutes to rig some traps around the battlefield.

Standard Equips and Morals on.

Also gets to have Black Cat to back him up. However, she'll be out of the fight if she gets hit once because of Mxyzptlk.

Green Arrow:

He's the Pre-Retcon GA

He's got to wear this, but it won't interfere with his agility, sight or anything else. He's basically regular Green Arrow

Gets all his standard Equips like he usually does in crisis events.

Gets 1 day of prep, but he can't collaborate with Daredevil, nor can he mess with the arena.

Morals on.

Knows Spider-Man only from the Daily Bugle headlines, and thinks he's a single man living with his Aunt because of Joe Queasada. But he doesn't know Spider-Man's identity, or about Spider sense. He does know about Spider-Man's agility.

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Batman and spiderman

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@Strider92: I hope it was mind-blowing in a positive way.

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@AllStarSuperman: I don't know Team 2 has a lot more prep time and are pretty good fighters.

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Daredevil's got a serious handicap with that outfit. He's going to have a lot of trouble moving and is going to be very noisy while doing it. I don't think he'll be of much use.

Green Arrow's agility might not be effected, but unless the OP changes the terms, the suit will mess with his sight and his fine tactile control. DD and GA have to be working at full capacity to throw down with Bats and Spidey.

Whether Captain America could take either Batman or Spider-Man in a fight is up to debate, but both of them simultaneously is just not something he can manage.

Batman and Spider-Man take it I say.

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Alright, post has been updated so no one's costume interferes with them.

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@Shawnbaby said:

Exactly how I feel

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@Shawnbaby said:


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Ok I'm serous. Now:

  • They fight in a play house.
  • Why the Hell does batman need his shark repellent?
  • Spiderman still has his spider sense
  • Cap. America just looks ridiculous
  • Daredevil looks rediculous
  • How the hell is GA gonna move in that costume...