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Posted by new_NUJ (92 posts) 4 years, 1 month ago

Poll: Batman (Nolan's version) vs Bajirao Singham (14 votes)

Batman (Nolan's version) 43%
Bajirao Singham 57%
Christopher Nolan's Batman

... takes on...

Bajirao Singham

Ok, a lot of people said that Christopher Nolan's Batman isn't as capable as some people make him out to be, and I decided to find a new way on how I can test his limits.

So Chris Nolan's Batman gets pitted against Bajirao Singham, the super-cop from India.

  • Both are peak human-level heroes.
  • Batman has advantages of gadgets and strategy on his side.
  • Singham defies physics in all of his action scenes.

Most of you already watched the Batman live action films and know about his feats, so I'm going to post feats for Singham in my next post on this thread.

Conditions are simple:

  • Christopher Nolan's Batman vs Singham
  • Random encounter for both sides, so as to keep it fair for both sides.
  • Batman is in his peak form as seen in The Dark Knight (2008).
  • Singham is in his peak form as seen in the Singham movie (2011).
  • In-character for both sides.
  • H2H combat, with gadgets and other weapons allowed.
  • Fight takes place on an empty place with full of furniture and hard objects (Makeshift weapons).
  • No BFR.
  • Winner via knocking out or incapacitating opponent.

Who wins?

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Singham defies physics throughout all of his action scenes.

I hereby present 3 videos depicting his great feats.

1. Beating up a gang of thugs altogether at once, similar to what Batman did, but with NO ARMOR.


2. Displays super-strength (See 1:30 onwards) and super-speed (See 3:43 onwards).


3. The final video is my favourite. Singham has the speed force.


Sorry, CV's had a screwed up forum, I can't seemed to add videos here.

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lmao... singham one shots

only one bullet is all he need ... i'm not even sure if he needs a gun either.

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@undefined: the real question is why am I tagged here?

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I remember watching clip from Bajirao's movie...

He was pretty much above peak human level

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An Indian movie character? If it is, then the Indian movie character wins by default.

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Bajirao stomps.

He ignores the laws of physics while Nolan's version of Batman is pretty realistic. Non-realism > realism.

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So this is the name of the guy that i keep on seeing insane videos about.

What's next, the Indian Terminator?

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Singham stomps