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Batman & Captain America

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Team Creepy-Pasta (Abilities listed below).

Tails Doll

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Eyeless Jack

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Jeff The Killer

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The Rake

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Creepy-Pasta Team Abilities & Weapons:

Tails Doll:

Fast Movement, Hovering, Low Tier Teleportation, Possesses Razor-sharp claws.

Eyeless Jack:Immunity to pain, Silent movement, Possesses a knife.

Jeff The Killer:Immunity to pain, Peak human durability, Possesses a knife, and lighter.

The Rake:Superhuman speed, strength & durability, Immunity to pain. Possesses claws.

Slenderman:Camoflauge, Infinite amount of tendrils that expand to limitless lengths, Instant Teleportation, Superhuman strength & durability.


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Round 1:

Slenderman is not present in Round 1. Batman & Cap must clear the First Round if they succeed then they go on to Round 2 to battle the Slender-Man alone.

Batman & Captain America:

  • New 52 Batman & Ultimate Captain America.
  • Morals on, not holding back. In character but both are willing to kill.
  • No Prep Time but both possess full knowledge of the team and all of their abilities.
  • Win by Death.


Batman:x2 Batarangs, Grapple Gun, x2 Smoke Pellets, x1 Bat-Bomb, Bat-Suit.

Captain America:Standard Equipment.

Creepy-Pasta Team:

  • Blood-lusted.
  • Prep Time - 1 Hour.
  • Win by Death or KO.
  • Reminder: Slender-Man is not present in this Round.

Round 2: Battle with the Slenderman.

If Batman & Cap clear Round 1 they advance to this Round. In this they must fight the Slender-Man in his own forest:

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Batman & Captain America:

  • Morals off, Bloodlusted.
  • Prep Time - 20 Minutes, Full knowledge of the Slender Forest and of the Slenderman.
  • Win by any means necessary.


Batman:All Equipment from Utility Belt, + Insider Suit.

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Captain America:

All/Any Equipment used as Ultimate Captain America.


  • Bloodlusted, not holding back.
  • Fighting at his best but cannot use his Time Manipulation/Warping powers, nor multiple representations of himself.
  • No Prep Time.
  • Win by Death only.

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I've only heard a little from Eyeless Jack and I've never heard of The Rake. Can you post links for those two?

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They should clear.

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@thedarklordpandamonium: With little trouble against Jeff, Jack, Rake & Tails Doll agreed, but with Slenderman I can see one of them dying...

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@pope052: Thanks. :)

I think they can clear it. Jeff will be the least of their trouble and the Rake would probably be the toughest in round 1. but the smoke pellet should help them if used with good timing.

Slendy would be tough, since you never know when he's actually there until you turn around. Can Slendy even die?

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@batman242: No you cannot permanently kill the Slenderman, but you can't do that to Thanos either but he can still be beat just like Slenderman.

They can beat him but can't kill him, but it still counts as a win but it will be one hell of a fight..

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creepypasta team.

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It would be close... Probably batman and cap.

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@pope052: Jeff isn't immune to pain or peak human. He's a 13 year old kid.

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I made this thread over eight months ago, so what's the point in telling me this now?

Anyway, Jeff hasn't shown any noticeable signs of pain from what I have read and his durability would definitely be labelled a peak human.

Due to the fact he was gutted with his own knife (and laughed it off, also aiding the pain tolerance case), flung against a gravestone, smashed across the head with a chunk of granite, tossed into various trees, and impaled by a large branch by the Slenderman:

Despite it's hesitance, it left the area anyway, and quickly rushed towards Jeff. The psychopath’s instincts started to come back, and he jumped towards the tall man. Jeff was quickly grabbed by his enemy, and thrown against a nearby tree.

Colliding with the ground, Jeff’s knife slid into his own stomach in a matter of seconds. Blood poured from the wound, and soon the ground was covered in a red liquid. He stood up with a jolt.

Slenderman briskly disappeared into the darkness, but illuminated behind Jeff. In his right hand, he held a broken piece of granite, that he proceeded to slam into the side of Jeff’s head. Jeff fell to the ground once again, almost knocked unconscious.

- Jeff the Killer VS Slender-Man

There's a lot more I could list, but that's enough to suggest that Jeff's durability and resistance to pain is well above any regular human. It doesn't matter what age he is, he still has some pretty kick-ass feats for a teenager.

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@pope052: By not immune to pain, I mean he can feel it, just not necessarily cares about it. Also, Slenderman vs Jeff The Killer was fanfiction, and not canon.

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Cap solos round 1, slendy may kill bats round 2 but I can see the team winning