Batlantern vs Greenlantern

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Scenario 1:

 The elder statesman, Alan Scott. First scenario is Batlantern has just recieved his ring and is up against Alan learning the rings capabilities on the fly and the battle is set on War World! Second Scenario is Batman has had one weeks training with Kilowog and takes on Alan on Oa!

Scenario 2:

 He takes on the GL of GL's (:-)  right after Hal has slugged Bats straight from Rebirth, and unknown to Hal, Bats also has a GL ring as well as a Kryptonite ring, and takes it out of his utility belt and slips it on ready for a showdown! second scenario is set during GL#9 when Batman had Hals ring for a few panels, he gets taken to OA and spends two days with Kilowog and his final test is against Jordan on the moon!

Scenario 3:

 He takes on John Stewart in a random encounter in Crime Ally after Batman has found a dying GL who's just past on his ring. Scenario 2 Batlantern has just finished his training on OA and his first assignment is to take down a rogue John Stewart who's gon AWOL and bring him in to the guardians for trial, battle is set on New Genisis!

Scenario 4:

He takes on Guy Gardner after Ice has just dumped him and is in a foul mood and has literally ran into Bats who's just found a GL ring from a crashed ship in the Arizona desert. Scenario 2 has Batlantern with one week in his cave analyzing the ring and it's capabilities, and decides to test it out, and runs into a slightly off Guy Gardner who's just come out of the Sinestro War and is battlehardend and pi#$ed half his friends have died!

Scenario 5:

 Set during the events of GL #51 where Kyle has just recieved his ring in the back of the alley, but unbeknown to him, Batman has also just recieved one and both are teleported to the moon by Ganthet to see who comes out on top! Scenario two is Batlantern after two days with kilowog, takes on current Kyle to test his capabilites, with the battle set in Atlantis!