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This is an all for himself, chose these 4 because of there silly costumes.

Shocker, also known as Herman Schultz, Suit deflects physical attacks and makes it difficult to grasp, and Gauntlets that project concentrated vibrational air blasts. known as a Spiderman foe.

Baron Zemo, the latest and 13th, Helmut Zemo, a powerful tactician and master swordsman, a foe of captain america.

Constrictor, believes he is a snake, real name Frank Payne, bears two cybernetic vibranium coils to whip, lash and constrict foes and a former shield agent. tangled with lots of heroes in his time.

Scorpion, when not in his silly costume, he goes by the name Mac Gargan, in suit he has the usual of a super human, ability to cling to surfaces, great grip and a big bad scorpion like tail that fires nasty projectile blasts. another spidey foe.

All have 6 hours prep time and fight in thier favourite city of new york, at 500 ft apart, in character, at night, clear weather, wins by any means and can use anything.

who wins this?????

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@TheNewFalcon: Is it the current Scorpion?

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@TheNewFalcon: What are you talking about. 3 of the guys you put up her have badass costumes.

Amazing Spider-Man Ends of the Earth
Amazing Spider-Man Ends of the Earth
Zemo #1
Zemo #1

As for the thread I say Zemo. I've read only a few Thunderbolt issues at the time he was leading. But he was a beast.

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Zemo is underpowered here but is a superior tactician. He managed to capture villains for the Civil War. I think he'll get the other to start fighting than take out whoever is left.

I do admit I really like Zemo so I may be a bit biased here.

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Scorpion took a shot from Ms. Marvel, then fell several thousand more feet and laughed it off. Zemo can't do Jack to that.

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