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What characters you think would be banned from battles because they are too wanked, too powerful, too ambiguous or for any reason

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Inb4 every bleach character

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Live Action vs Comics needs to be banned, or at least have the threads run by mods first...

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Muh Yhwach wank

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every bleach character

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I don't think any character needs banned. If you don't like the battle just skip it. I do so in many types of battles (where it solely is down to speed or who has stronger TP, those are just boring).

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I mean right now we have hisagi who has been light speed since soul society and can wreck Pre 1,000 blood war ichigo as I’ve seen someone say. Now imagine someone like EoD Renji. Damn too powerful!!!!

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No one should be banned only people who wank the said Characters way above their level.

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Not the biggest fan of banning characters, in fact the bans we have now shouldn't be there.

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Ban Nightcrawler under the no omnipotents clause.

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Salty thread

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Not a battle.

Seriously, the only real people you can't debate with are either most toon characters (due to the fact that they are in theory insanely overpowered, like the Road Runner defying multiple universal laws, such as gravity) or "omnipotent" characters, because they aren't usually full of feats, and omnipotence is a hard counter to well, anything really.

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Literally 90% of Bleach threads are toxic wastelands.

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Juhabach should be banned, since The Almighty makes it so that every single match is in is either spite (because he can't even be injured in anyway barring TP), or pointless because he's physically incapable of harming the other person.(See Juhabach vs Superman, Juha vs Frieza, etc.)

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All Dragon Ball characters for being wanked to infinity 10^3.

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Yhwach is an obvious one. Mostly NLF and fanfiction and complete speculation because of all his implied power. People literally can't decide what the Almighty does.

Had good fun using him in bait threads tho.

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@zgtfreak: Base Goku’s anus hair is multiversal with lowball, just accept it.

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@mainjp: no, it's lowball omniversal. Get it right.

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People trying to say that bleach is wanked and needs to be banned when each of the folks saying so is just salty since bleach still stands a tier above Naruto and OP. 😂😂😂

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Personally not the biggest fan of banning characters/battles. I think instead something needs to happen to those people who wank/underplay them. The problem with Dragon ball vs *insert series* for example is clearly the fans not Dragonball itself. But hey this is just my opinion