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Katsuki Bakugou


Luther Strode

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  • In character
  • No prep
  • Win by any means
  • Standard gear


  • Begin visible
  • Begin 50 feet apart
  • Fight takes place here:
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Who wins and why?

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I'm gonna keep an eye on this

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Luther murders that child

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curious about this battle

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Luther is faster and more agile. He has move reading to anticipate Bakugo. Only problem is without knowledge he'll have to get blasted a few times before he figures out how to anticipate it, so Bakugo could win if he inflicts significant damage early on.

Luther 7-8/10.

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Regular humans have tanked Bakugo's blasts, he'd have to open with one of his gauntlets at the magnitude that staggered All Might to hurt Strode - which he wouldn't do in character. Strode would blitz, slap Bakugo for a KO and call it a day.

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Luther. He's more ruthless, slightly faster than Bakugo, he can heal himself, has better durability and has pre-cog. Like what Sy8000 said, Luther without knowledge will get hit a few times from the explosions before Luther can anticipate it. If Bakugo goes all out, he can kill Luther rather early in the fight.

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This is a good fight. Bakugou certainly hits harder and can take a lot of what Strode can dish out, but that precogs gonna be a pain for him. I'd say Bakugou wins high-diff, but I can definitely see a case for Strode winning.

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Bakugou wins in a good fight, his sheer AoE blasts should be able to counteract Luther's precog vision and I don't recall any phenomenal energy durability feats for Luther either to suggest he could withstand them for long, especially if Bakugou decides to use his more powerful attacks.

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