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Team 1 easily.

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aliens take this the gods are good but i doubt good enough

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Most asgardians arent nearly as strong as Thor so the asgardians get dumped on.

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Kryptonians or Martians could possibly solo.

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team 1 stomps either solo

average Amazons and Asgardians aren't as powerful as WW and Thor.

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.........this is a one-sided stomp in Team 1's favor. Average Asgardians and Amazons are street levelers.

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Wow, why can't I flag this thread? You know what, I'll flag myself so that the mods get the message

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Team 1 spite

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Team 1 stomps, the average kryptonian or martian is a 100 tonner, while an avergae asgardian is a 60 tonner at best and amazonians even weaker

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Team 1 wins pretty easily. Amazonians are no threat in this match, so it's Asgardians vs Team 1.