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To balance, we'll say magic equals Chakra

This is the version of Naruto during his fight with Pain

Current Manga Asta

Round 2: Current Manga Asta vs. KCM Naruto

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Asta both rounds since Chakra equals magic

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Naruto curbstomps.

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@leeroythajenks: It’s better to make this speed equalized since Tabata made them ridiculously fast since beginning of series with LS reactions. In these conditions Sm Naruto wouldn’t be able to tag Asta at all.

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Asta both rounds

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Asta has lightspeed feats. This is a stomp.

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Asta is lightspeed. He blitz stomps silly. Make this speed equal to be fair. I'll side naruto 7/10 in speed equal scenario cuz asta is only MCB+ with little hax to trouble naruto.

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Naruto dies! He's has nothing that can stop it.

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Asta easily

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@gilateen said:

Naruto wins. Asta has nothing to put down 4-tails

He cuts it chief. Asta ragdolls.

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Asta beats KCM Naruto, Naruto would attempt a block with his cloak and the fight would end, Chakra is Magic here and it would go straight through his cloak.

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Asta speedblitzs him.