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Ash Williams  vs

Location: Gotham

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Winner by KO/Death

Ash: Boomstick, Chainsaw, Robotic Hand.

Equipment: Pistol, Joy Buzzer, Crow-bar, Acid Flower.

How does this pan out?
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Well, although he acts like it, Ash is no idiot. And fairly good at Hand-To-Hand. I don't see any preparation, so it seems that the King is going to execute the Joker.

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Ash hates clowns.

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Ash would out smart the Joker, and shoot the fooled clown.

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Sorry Ash, you've met your match.

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Isn't Ash a girl now?

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Ash via torture

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Ash wins. Every character he fights is superhuman, and some are even higher level superhumans. He should have no trouble with Joker.