Ash (Evil Dead Series) vs Dean Winchester (Supernatural)

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Both have knowlege on eachother 
To the death or knockout 
Fight takes place in a graveyard

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no one else

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I'm leaning towards Dean. Ash wasn't born to a monster hunter as well as raised to do that very same thing. Dean's got the testicular fortitude to face down Lucifer and demand things from Angels. Also, Dean's a pretty good shot with his M1911 and generally has a shotgun or two on him. Plus, given that he has full knowledge on Ash, he should be able to take him down.

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i dont know, evil dead ist a very weird movie

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i think Ash Chainsaw hand an boomsticks

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Tough fight for both have come back from death, killed a crap load of monsters, both can take alot of pain in fights, resourceful, inventive, and are lucky as hell when they are backed into a corner.

Dean has faced bigger fish, but Ash has a lead for magically making weapons appear out of thin air.

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Ash has toon force durability, any amount of blunt force punishment is laughable to him. If this comes down to a fistfight he will undoubtedly win. With prep this is tricky, but since this is essentially gonna be a gunfight... hm. Both are crack shots... I honestly am not sure. I think Ash out of greater willingess to kill a normal person, will win. He showed very little care for human life in Evil Dead, once he started losing it he just shot people down with no pity or remorse. I'll go with Ash. Hail to the king, baby.

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Ash has toon force durability

this leads me to think Ash wins
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@KainScion said:


Ash FTW,

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Ashe does have toon force. 
Sam and Dean actually get beat to pulp in a lot of their fights. It's true they show up next week without a scratch, but in the fight the damage they take has effect. 
Ash pretty much just rebounds like a rubber ball, crazy-laugh, " groovy", shotgun shotgun, roundhouse kick, shotgun.
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So I'm watching Supernaturals season 2 Episode Hollywood Babylon...and they are making all of these Evil Dead references...there's even a "character" named Ashley, then towards the end of the movie there's a trailer for the "horror movie" Hell Hazers's Evil Dead all over again, I love it! I have to be realistic somebody pointed out Ash was just thrown into this hunter lifestyle. It's in Dean's blood to hunt and kill all things why would this fight even be going on? They would totally respect each other.