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  • MCU Valkyrie, Lady Sif, and Warriors Three
  • DCEU Steppenwolf
  • Standard weapons/gear
  • Battle location: Asgard

Scenario 2:

MCU Hulk, DCEU Wonder Woman for team 1

MCU Hela and Fenris team up with Steppy

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Steppenwolf. Both rounds.

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@amcu said:

Steppenwolf. Both rounds.


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Steppenwolf Stomps.

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Steppenwolf wins both rounds.

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Steppenwolf's durability is crazy high when you ignore all the hater theories. Superman literally pounded him to ground, heat vision from a meter away with a considerable power behind it and he still gets up and goes to fight and his armor is still intact even when Wonder Woman tries to cut him again after all that beating he took, still ignores her attack. Even if you put Hela and Fenris to Team 1, still same outcome.

There is no win against him if you don't bring a fully adopted Kryptonian.

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Wolf is too durable.

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What they said