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Arya Stark


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  • MCU and TV versions
  • Tony is out of his suit.
  • Arya has a dagger.
  • Fight takes place in Avengers HQ Lounge
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Arya teleports behind him and stabs him.

As much as it pains me to say...

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Arya stomps!

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Arya. Tony have skills in hand to hand combat, but that would not be enough here.

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Tony didn't get outright demolished by Bucky. Just throwing that out there.

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@jedixman said:

Tony didn't get outright demolished by Bucky. Just throwing that out there.

Tony had a gauntlet though, which he relied on heavily to disorient Bucky and grab his weapon.

Giving the person with better H2H feats a weapon while leaving the other guy completely unarmed seems like deliberate mismatch. At least give Tony handicapped prep like IM3 or one repulsor gauntlet, smh

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Arya one shots the verse

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She pulls a Deus Ex Machinima and wins

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this is bullshit.

It should be One Above All vs Arya so its not one sided battle

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Arya wins even if Tony has the Mk 85 and Avengers Gauntlet

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Arya solos Thanos, Thor, Scarlet Witch, etc. Mismatch.