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namor has done aquaman's best quantifiable feat multiple times he has bested it atleast once and for aquaman fighting superman namor fought the hulk which is the marvel equivalent namor wins.

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Aquaman fought Superman. Superman >>>Hulk

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@dianaallmighty said:

Aquaman fought Superman. Superman >>>Hulk

Namor is a Superman relative.

And, if by "Aquaman-Superman fight", you mean the fight that I saw the scans here, with Mera? Then that was hardly a fight, and a lukewarm Supes visibly dominated them both.

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Namor is Stronger, when he comes it usually means trouble for everyone, because he has virtually tussled with all the hard hitter in marvel,from Hulk to Hercules to Thor. He wil fight against numbers in a heartbeat ask the Avenger or the Fantastic Four . Namor has been this way for decades. His strength is legendary, and doesn't need continuous upgrades to be on par with hard hitters, he already is one. I do like and respect Arthur, he's one of my favs at Dc.

copy that

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Namor...he made Thanos bleed with his punches...

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namor is consistently stronger

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Curry does much better against top tiers then mckenzie does & has match nearly all of namor's feats so by portrayal aquaman>>namor by actual feats they're near identical

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Namor I suppose.

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Around the same level.

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@teerack: aquaman holds his own against much stronger superman,wonder woman.

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Aquaman by a landslide.

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Then and now Namor.

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It use to be Namor pretty clearly. Than Brand New Day and New 52 Aquaman was clearly stronger as Namor had fallen off in recent years.

Only recently thanks to Jason Aaron's Avengers can you possibly debate Namor being stronger. He put on a Superman performance underwater against the Avengers

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In physical battle Namor. In psychic battle Arthur curbstomps

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in character namor

out of character - aqua man but presently namor

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Aaron Force Namor stomps. Normal Namor loses.

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Aquaman by a longshot.

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Namor is stronger

Artur is faster

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In physical battle Namor. In psychic battle Arthur curbstomps

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@mbatz: if we go by that logic, Namor has traded blows with Hyperion, who stopped a planet bigger than Earth going at 500 000 miles per hour (which is hundreds of times more impressive than just bench pressing the Earth).

And it's not like Aquaman ever benchpressed a planet himself or actually traded blows with Superman, all he did was hit him once.

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@toratorn: That is a fair point but supes benched that weight for five days assuming that he was benchpressing at 1 press every 2 seconds ((5x24x60x60)/2= 216000) meaning he did 216 000 benchpresses, the earth weights (5.97x10^27) x9.8(earths gravitational acceleration do year 11 physics it’ll make sense) x 216000= 1.26x10^33 Newton’s of force

Meaning logically superman could stop a planet over 1000 times earths mass using classical physics that’s not taking into account that superman was moving around the earth since he was orbiting were he was bench pressing meaning there would’ve been additional centrepital force

It also doesn’t account for the fact that if superman is benchpressing with perfect form he has to generate a force as he is lifting the weight of the earth down

Hence Aquaman being able to hit superman of the ground is already a feat in itself also

Soz I re did the math 10 to the power 27 and 10 to power 34 is a difference of times 10 million so yeah supes could stop a planet 10 million times bigger then earth nice argument

Also u have to remember superman wasn’t moving so there wasn’t any momentum when he was benchpressing except for the momentum he’s arms created.

Superman is MFTL so the momentum would probably brake the calculator if I used momentum Lorentz transformations to calculate supes momentum at light speed but yeah supes could probably stop a planet trillion of times bigger than earth if he used MFTL momentum

So yeah Aquaman is a boss for just hitting him of the ground

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@mbatz: ...what is this nonsense? That's not how any of this shit works. You don't multiply a mass of an object lifted by the amount of times it was lifted. By that logic real life people can lift several tons. Except they don't. The only useful things out of the "benchpressed the Earth for 5 days" feat are that Superman can benchpress the Earth and that he has a lot of stamina to keep doing that for 5 days. Nothing else.

All that "math" is garbage. Not to mention, you can apply the same dumb method to Hyperion, since he stopped Rogue Planet from static position.

Not to mention, that in no way applies to Aquaman since all he did was punch Superman once and only hurt him a little. If Superman was bloodlusted and hit Aquaman in the face and Arthur walked it off, or maybe if bloodlusted Superman and Arthur grappled and Arthur didn't break his arms instantly, maybe then you'd have a point. But alas, that did not happen, so your point is moot, and your argumentation is shit.

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@mbatz: No offence, but it's kind of funny that you think that comic book writers understand physics on that level.

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no namor is aquman physical superior, always has been

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I don't know about new 52 Aquaman, but Namor is definitely stronger than Post Crisis Arthur.

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@toratorn: First off I was highballing superman not extremely

Secondly the logic does make sense a human that benchpresses something that is 1 grams a thousand times can lift 1kg or 1000 grams.

This is the part we’re u say but 1 gram doesn’t weigh a lot but neither did the earths weight superman said and I quote “ That’s… it… That’s all you got…’.

One could argue that superman was stronger when he fought aquaman because when he was benchpressing te weight of the earth there was no sun light

So yeah, my maths how you choose to interpret it isn’t even the taking all physics and forces into a account so while I have high balled him I could’ve high balled him much more

Example: superman issue 13 page 3 I think the female scientist forgot her name says “ going forward the only way to approximate the tonnage you need to test the upper limits of your strength, would necessitate taping into a pandimensional wormhole”, superman cuts he off saying “which could possibly suck all of earth into itself yes” random scientists then says “yes”.

The force required to suck the earth in would need to be higher than the force that the sun imposed on earth I could calculate but I lost my data sheet so I’ll use google

Force exerted equal by sun on earth =3.6x10^20 Newton’s

To suck earth in would require a stronger force also you must take into consideration that as earth approaches the source the gravitational pull increases exponentially

If the sun was 1 meter away from earth the attraction would go from 10^20 to 10^44 which is like times a trillion (I’m guessing)

Formula if you want to do the math: Fg= (GMm)/r^2

As u can see from the formula reduce radius mass and gravitational constant remain unchanged gravitational force Fg decreases

But since were talking about earth it would be still increase exponentially to about 10^33

Hence my maths was pretty correct

Plus aquaman has fought and taken hits from superman

Aquaman rebirth issue 3

Superman/Batman issue 24

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Current Namor is way stronger but before that Aquaman and Namor are on a similar level.

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To put it simply the fact that superman approximately did 216000 benchpress even if we said he did 100000 that’s more than enough proof to suggest that he could lift more

Think about it, you can lift grains of sand 100000 times but struggle to do what 20 push-ups (if you are an average person)

That already suggest superman can lift planets thousand of times his own weight and if you use maths to calculate the minimal force required to pull the earth from its source you end up with a broken calculator literally I had to use a classpad

Aquaman hit said person of the ground

That’s a feat

He also brawled with him

Aquaman rebirth #3

Superman/Batman #24

And he’s hurt darkseid with his trident

Justice league

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@mbatz: stop. Your math makes zero sense and so does your nonsense about "lifting 1 gram thousand times = lifting 1000 grams at once". If you're so smart, try lifting a 1kg weight a thousand times and then try to lift 1 ton at once. Let's see how your "logic" holds up.

Hyperion's feat >>>>> Superman's feat, so if you want to scale Namor and Aquaman to them, you're just proving Aquaman's inferiority.

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Aquaman, by all accounts.

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Bro sand to humans are weightless we can lift that infinitely till we get tired and stop cause we’re hungry

Superman lifted the weight of the earth a ridiculous amount of time so it’s probably weightless to him if you can’t see how lifting the weigh of the earth for five days straight doesn’t prove that he could lif something 1000 time more

The same way a human can lift sand infinitely and can lift something 1000 times more YOUR STUPID

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They both meet in the sea they fight it out both have stupid durability

Aquaman isn’t afraid to cheat by his nature

Namor is to noble to cheat

Aquaman will get his trident

Namor will not due to the fact his trident has appeared 56 times in 1580 appearances namor has been in

Forget both sides using fish telepathy both sides can’t hurt each other with sea life. STUPID DURABILITY

Namor will see said trident and will make a choice

1. That trident can’t hurt me 75%

2. Get rid of the trident 25%

1.If he goes with option 1 he dies because that trident pierced darkseid this most likely to happen since namor likes people fighting at he height of their power and with no preparation

I came to this conclusion because namor never bothers to make contingencies for Ironman or Thor or any avenger because contingencies are for people who are afraid by his logic

2. He tries to avoid trident and gets rid of it

Namor fights aquaman until namor has a brilliant idea why don’t I drop him from a high place

2 scenarios

1. Namor successfully picks up aquaman and drops him from the sky on to land 25%

2. Aquaman resists and breaks free since he’s easily faster and have relatively similar strength 75%

Depending on which aquaman were using it my kill him

New 52 aquaman will not die but will be slightly injured and get up but by that time namor will have caved his head in

However one might ask will aquaman even be caught by namor for that to work, aquaman definitely has the speed advantage

But it’s highly unlikely but possible, and if we are using the latest namor

He probably has slightly higher durability as he caught Thor hammer and iron mans punch, captain marvels and hulks punch and was unphased

But at the sametime superman of new 52 is stronger than all of those characters but superman never tries against friends

So namor probably has higher durability

It would be a battle of who has a weapon that can pierce durability the latest namor doesn’t use a trident by choice

Avengers 2018 #10

Basically if namor gets stabbed he dies

If the battle drags Namor wins

Since he’s shown to have the greater mental fortitude not quit Batman’s but he’s like second place

But Aquaman will most likely win since he’s faster and will get he’s trident if he’s disarmed.

And if we take into account both there armies Atlanteans in DC can punch superman of the ground the scan

Google search Volko punches superman and yes I’m the comics he has average Atlantean strength

Heck even Mera punches superman of the ground humans can’t even make him move unless it bad writing

Meaning if for any reason aquaman calls his superman punching army automatic lose for namor

Because of the likelihood of events occurring Aquaman would most likely win since he can win a lot of ways

Keep in mind this is a random encounter when Arthur traverses the sea he usually has his trident and even if he doesn’t he can ask another Atlantean to bring it which would result in namor losing

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@toratorn: https://youtu.be/JmgwOYZmOAs

Dumb forget the superman thing as I’ve said above aquaman wins

But don’t worry I still like namor better as a morally complex character

The only incarnation of aquaman I like is Batman: The brave and the bold Aquaman… OUTRAGEOUS

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It appears evidence of Aquamans superior strength has surfaced

Loading Video...

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@mbatz: Superman's strength is limitless, he has no limit. He can sundip and improve his strength. Your argument is so dumb and your math is wrong.

I actually go to the gym so I know what I'm talking about, when you bench press or lift any kind of weight in any kind of position for more than 1 rep. The weight of that item doesn't increase, the strain on your muscles however does.

Superman bench pressing earth for 5 days is a nothing feat. Because other than being omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent, he has no strength limit, no speed limit and no stamina limit.

Superman doesn't fly around bloodlusted. If he wanted to, he could fly around the earth a million times within a second.

Arthur punching him and sending him flying is barely a feat because superman is not using his full strength, and he never does unless he's bloodlusted. Spiderman could send superman flying with a punch, doesn't make him comparable to supes at all, not even close.

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Atm Namor would trash Aquaman.

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Aquaman. DB did a good job this time. Pushing around tectonic plates is far more then Namor ever pulled off in a direct strength feat. Going by ABC logic, all of them fought Thors, Hulks, Superman's and Wonder Woman's so it's useless to use it. And by direct feats, AM wins. Also Aquaman has a superior ability to control sealife and amp it making them strong enough to break GL constructs. That's a REALLY big factor in my opinion.

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@barista_nate: First off a lot of people go to gym and aquaman wins via other feats

Second benchpress sand in your hands and you’ll probably do it infinitely till you get hungry

Third even if u bench sand infinitely people can’t bench there own weight infinitely

My math wasn’t wrong neither was your logic either in this case the sand is the earth because superman did it for a substantially long time it’s just your small minded

So I’ll simplify it for you if something weighs close to nothing relative to you, then you can lift it thousands of times over

Fourth when superman was benchpressing he wasn’t infinite there was no sun exposure where he was benching

That’s proof he could lift more the same way you can lift a thousand times more than 1 gram of sand and that superman would’ve been stronger when he fought Arthur

Fifth the Spider-Man that punched superman isn’t from new 52 it’s an olden day comic when physics was stupid

And as far as I’m concerned you are too if you can’t understand this

Either way aquaman still beats namor using other feats

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namor stomps

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Namor is Aquaman's physical superior in every way, except travel speed in the water, & Namor can fly. Aquaman gets stomped. Hard.

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This is not a fight.

Before: Namor

Present: Probably even

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@mbatz: you're wrong, if you do the motion of a bench press properly, simply tensing your pecs when moving your arms gets tiring after a while, without any weights.

Either way, my point was, weaker characters hit supes and send him flying all the time. It doesn't mean they are comparable to supes. Aquaman isn't.