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Aquaman (Both pre-New 52 and New 52 feats)

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Round 1: Hawkeye and Black Widow

Round 2: Falcon

Round 3: War Machine

Round 4: Ant-Man

Round 5: Quake

Round 6: Luke Cage

Round 7: Captain America

Round 8: Iron Man

Round 9: Vision

Round 10: Thor

Round 11: Hulk

Aquaman is healed after each round, and everyone has their usual gear (ie. Those with guns have them and Aquaman has his trident)

Round 1: On a beach

Rond 2: In the middle of a city (New York, Metropolis, doesn't matter)

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Stops at 9 (who should be last) or, much more likely, clears, both rounds.

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Aquaman Curbstomps.

The trident makes this overkill.

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Should Arthur not clear?

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Stops at 9 (who should be last) or, much more likely, clears, both rounds.

Haven't seen much of Vision aside from two appearances, wasn't really sure where to put him

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@tomkatie: He is fine there.

Thor and Hulk are debatable. I guess we will see in ragnarok

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Doesn't Pre-Flashpoint Aquaman have TP?

He clears with or without it

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Clears without much trouble

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Should be able to clear

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Clears with ease, with the greatest of ease.

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He should clear, and pretty easily.

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Clears effortlessly.

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He beats everyone here at once.

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Um, he effin aquastomps