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Location: Wakanda Plains

Distance: 20m

Knowledg: None

Stanadard Gear

R1: Trident not allowed

R2: Trident Allowed

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HE stomps both

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Sisters win Gamora's sword can kill Asgardian and Nebula presence will be hard to overcome

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Aqauaman, round 2 is a megastomp

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Sisters stomps

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I could see them winning round 1, Round 2 is a stomps in Arthur's favor.

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Aquaman annihilates.

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1. Argument could possibly be made for the sisters due to weaponry

2. Arthur stomps

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Arthur stomps.

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Do the Sister’s blades have feats to pierce Arthur? I expect they can, but without the feats Arthur Stomps


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Arthur stomps

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Doubt they can pierce his armour though I could be wrong. Arthur takes R1 in a decent fight and wrecks in R2.

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Arthur stomps