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Posted by CRUSHYOURENEMIES (2550 posts) 3 months, 11 days ago

Poll: Aqua Man vs Hela (30 votes)

Aqua water squirts her to oblivion 7%
Hela ummm... 93%
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Hela invades earth

The JL took a vacation and left Aqua Man behind


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Hela serves up some shrimp skewers

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Hela with ease. While Aquamans recent power up puts him closer to Thor/Superman level he's still not there. Hela is above so......

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Hype train much? He has no chance

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Hela stomps. Comic versions would be an even bigger mismatch.

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I don't know (or care) about the movie or other non-comic versions, but from what I know of the comic versions Hela at least in the classic MU is pretty significant on the cosmic scale. IIRC there was one story where Odin killed her and every living thing in the universe became immortal simply because the goddess of death no longer lived. Then things could die again when Odin brought her back. There's no possible way Aqualoser can beat her. All he does is talk to fish.

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Listen, I realize the MCU Thor fanboying was bad, like really bad, but....I've never seen something quite like this Aquaman fanboying


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Hela one shots.

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trident resistance feats for hela?

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Lol what is this? Hela one-shots.

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Hela impales him

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Hela pops his head

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Is the movie even out yet? How are there so many hype threads so far for a guy that is not going to be on this level when the movie is out.?

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Hela laughably easily.

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@co-boss said:

Is the movie even out yet? How are there so many hype threads so far for a guy that is not going to be on this level when the movie is out.?

Been wondering exactly the same thing.

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@undefined: nice poll....Hela ummm damn, fights over before you could say wins. Nice catch.

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Hela stomps

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