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i have read forums by others and i find that certain people believe the Anti-Monitor would win
against Galactus.  So i was wondering if he could defeat Omega, who is supposed to dwarf Galactus
in power.


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Both at Full power
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What Anti-Monitor is this your using?
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COIE AM would annihilate him .

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There was a lot of talk about Omega being this major powerhouse, but ultimately not a lot of follow through.
Anyway, AM would destroy him at full power.

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@Lance Uppercut:  Feats are the key to decisions, in this case...Anti-Monitor beats Omega, But if he is what they say about him he could win...Assuming this isn't COIE Anti-Monitor
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COIE AM would still win with ease, and you know that already.

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Anti Monitor
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@King Saturn said:
"Anti Monitor "
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Galactus would get his a$$ kicked
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@why so serious said:
"Galactus would get his a$$ kicked "

Its not Galactus. AM does curbstomp it though.
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Current Monitor gets beat down for sure...