Anissa (Image Comics: Invincible) Vs. Ursa (DC Comics: Superman: War of the Supermen)

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I just have to ask you guys!! Who would win?!


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Bio: Female member of the Viltrum empire who came down to Earth to convince Mark on giving up the planet to her people. She's one of the strongest Viltrumites in the series and has proven that time and time again.

Powers: Same powers as Omni-Man (superhuman strength, flight, speed, invulnerability, a healing factor and great lung capacity, space survival, etc.).

Universe: Invincible


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Bio: Zod's Kryptonian wife and Chris's (Nightwing's) biological mother. She, along with her husband and Non, fought in the 100-minute war against Superman and Earth's greatest superheroes. She's as deadly as she is strong.

Powers: Under the Earth's yellow sun, Ursa gains the same superhuman abilities as Superman: super-breath, invulnerability, heat-vision, super-strength, freeze breath, superhuman speed, x-ray vision, flight, etc.

Universe: DC Comics: New Earth Continuity


  • Both are in character
  • Standard powers and abilities
  • Ursa can call on Non as backup
  • Anissa can call on Lucan for backup
  • Fight lasts for 60 minutes
  • Ursa can use her Kryptonite knife
  • The battle will take place Chongqing, China
  • NO TIES!!! - Only one of these two women will walk out of this fight with the victory.
  • Feats are allowed (of course)