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Hulk (Immortal)

In character

Winner by KO, Incapacitation or Death

Random encounter

Standard gear and abilities (Animus has the Biscuit Hammer)

Fight takes place on a populated city setting at night

Who'd win? For what reasons?

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Animus wins.

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@life_without_progress: What are Immortal Hulk's feats? I read his solo-series, but like... He didn't really do anything all that impressive in it, yet I've still seen people hype him up as the most powerful version of Hulk, etc. Is there something I'm missing?

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@mylittlefascist: This incarnation of Hulk is directly mentioned to be VASTLY more stronger than the previous Hulk incarnations, which includes an incarnation of Hulk like Indestructible who has 3 planetary, 1 star, 1 moon level feat. Immortal Hulk has shrugged off Jane and Herc just by flexing his muscles even though in the same comic they held the weight of planet Earth in place. One-shot Thor fracturing his skull, one-shot GR, one-shot She Hulk, one-shot Hulkbuster almost killing Tony, one-shot and overloaded BP vibranium suit which he notes is almost an impossibility.Hulk stomped Captain Glory, Mentacle, Enigma, Canonball, Quicksilver, Living Lightning, Iron Rulk(Maverick), Vision, WM(WM didn't fight back but Hulk was still making him bleed and bending him like a pretzel), Voyager, Rogue and most importantly Thor and Hercules at the same time. Jane has an impressive roster she has fought recently: Loki, Odinson, Gladiator, Odin, Shur God's, Phoenix, Mangog,destroyer. Take note this information comes from into the void

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@daywalker98: When did all this happen? Like I said, I only read the solo series.

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animus wins by scaling

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@daywalker98: When did all this happen? Like I said, I only read the solo series.

Immortal Hulk #6-7 and Avengers #684,685,686 .