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Rules: This is just Namek Saga Goku so only forms he has is kaio Ken1-20 and SSJ ONE. So any feats past Namek saga goku are N.O.T VALID

(movie feats count for Goku BEFORE Namek saga episodes end) So Dead zone, worlds strongest, Lord Slug, tree of might.) And yes of course Dragon Ball Goku feats and before end of Namek saga count obviously

This is a power of might against Goku so no back stabbing so everyone vs Goku. Union raids, joining different combo attacks, healing etc are allowed. So Natsu can use fire dragon roar and Naruto can combine it with a Ras (for short) blast attack.

-All other teams are either their EoS (end of series) or at their current height of power. (note won't be any other all star power house within the anime verse just usual team base or fair enough allies that were around as companions from time to time since some of them don't have a solid team base already built)

(movie feats count for them and filler)

-The six teams are the following: (note some other characters from the shows will be in the pics so don't mind them reason why is because it is hard to just fine JUST the characters listed all together. Also if they look like their pre EoS self please note that not all of them are shown in the EOS all together with a cool picture (plus some spoilers are advice if you have not caught up SO FAIR WARNING)

-No winner by ring out

-killing is not allowed but has to be last one standing for either side

-no time limit

Three stages:

First Stage: Just base Goku against everyone not going full power (base forms) (gets a feel for battle)

Stage 2: Goku uses kaio Ken, everyone uses all their forms except for final forms, armor, abilities, and special last attacks

Final stage: Goku goes SSJ and everyone is allowed to use all of their abilities, armors, etc to their fullest.

Location: Tournament of Power arena.

Team one Straw-hats: Luffy, Zoro, Law, Nami, Usoop, Franky,Brook, sanji, and Nico.

No Caption Provided

Team Natsu: Natsu, Lucy, Erza, Gray, Wendy.

No Caption Provided

Team Naruto: Naruto Sasuke, Sakura, Hinata, Rock Lee, Gaara

No Caption Provided

Team Yuske: Yuske, Kurabara, Hihe, Kurama

No Caption Provided

Team Gon: Gon, killua, Kurapika

No Caption Provided

Team Ichigo: Ichigo Rukia, Orihime, Uryu, Chad

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The Naruto team is gonna give Goku trouble stage 1, however stage 2, and the final stage should be no problem for him.

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Goku wins rather easily (bar Naruto)

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Most of them probably can't handle Saiyan Saga Goku. Namek saga Goku murderstomps.

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So no BFR? Goku has this, even in stage one he outstats anyone, in second stage Goku cosplays Saitama and splashes everyones body all over the place, final stage is a missmatch.

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I gotta agree with what was said before. I only really see Team Naruto, Yusuke, and Ichigo giving him any trouble in Stage 1. Beyond that, since this is Namek Saga, minus Hax and Physical superiority they don't have much on him. From what I know about Team Natsu and Gon, (admittedly not nearly as much as the others) they are pretty much useless here. Could stand to have teams that can better carry their weight, especially in stage 3.

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@phobiaxl: What do u mean by physical superiority?

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@gaoron: At the time of the Namek saga, I never remember seeing Goku perform any feats with strength alone that the more physical members of this team, at least EOS in some cases, couldn't replicate. Though Ki amped physical attacks might just negate that.

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@phobiaxl: Namek Saga had the best feats in Z era besides Buu Saga man lol

Base Goku and casual Frieza were destroying mountains while fighting, Frieza kicked blast to other planet, Goku kicked Frieza through islands. That already is above anything in HST.

50% Frieza hit Goku so hard crater was so deep the ocean could not fill it up and dwarfed islandes. At this point Goku can pump anyone in this battle with one punch OPM style.

100% Frieza hit Goku so hard the splash was visible from the whole planet view and was comparable to size of continental crater Frieza made earlier with a blast

For unknown reasons i cant post gifs and scans from my phone :/

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No prob man, I have the same issue. Anyway, while my statements were based on my own memory of their fight, I don't recall the scale of those feats being quite so grand. But, I'm not biased, memory could just be fuzzy and I can be convinced. As of right now my best recollection of Goku's physical capability even beyond this arc was struggling to lift 40 tons in base. If you can find a way to provide scans though I have no problem admitting you being correct on this topic. In the meantime I'll be revisiting that fight myself.

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@phobiaxl: 40tons in base was during buu saga. To which that feat wouldn't count towards this version of Goku but yeah he struggled in base but then went SSJ.