Ang Lee Hulk runs the gauntlet

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  • Bloodlusted
  • Win by any means except bfr
  • Takes place at the end of EG
  • Start 50 ft apart
  1. MCU Luke Cage
  2. FOX Wolverine
  3. FOX Colossus
  4. DCEU Aquaman
  5. MCU Worthy Cap
  6. MCU Nano tech Iron Man
  7. DCEU Flash
  8. DCEU Faora
  9. MCU Vision
  10. MCU Hulk
  11. DCEU Wonder Woman
  12. MCU IW Thor
  13. MCU Captain Marvel
  14. DCEU Superman
  15. DCEU Doomsday
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Stops at Wonder Woman or Thor

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@skywalker95: Aqauman is the closest fight

they have similar durability since they both seem to be immune to conventional human weaponry and that's even without his Atlantean steel armor.

his trident should have no problem cutting Ang Lee's hulk

he's WAY faster and if this fight makes it to the dam of water that broke at the finale of Endgame Arthur should win.