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Takes place in the streets of New York

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Probably Captain Marvel.

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Captain Marvel blitzes.

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Carol. TAO can one-shot Carol should she get a hit in, but the large speed gap combined with lacking durability is too high of a hurdle to jump.

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Captain Marvel > Doctor Strange > Ancient One

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CM if she bullrush and blitz before AO can react. Otherwise AO can win through mirror dimension BFR or soul-pushing.

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Captain Marvel wins. The Ancient One only did what she did to Hulk because he wasn't expecting it.

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Good fight. Although overall I would say the Ancient One is far more powerful and would rank her higher in a tier list, I will say CM here, since she can just smash into The Ancient One before she can react

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Captain Marvel speedblitzes.

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Yeah probably Carol because of her speed advantage.

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What did she do speed wise to warrant a blitz?

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Carol wins due to vastly superior speed and TAO's lackluster durability.

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Acient one

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I'm going with Ancient one.

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Ancient One is a limited reality warper..


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Leaning Ancient One. Too many tricks in the toolbag, probably just traps her in the mirror dimension or soul pushes.

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The Ancient one has more power, she would beat Captain Marvel who has subpar combat speed. Marvel would not open up with a blitz against the Ancient One and if she did TAO could probably counter it and teleport her somewhere or something

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@rbt said:


@rbt said:


@rbt said:


you must be really confident in saying Carol wins

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Ancient One.

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Marvel if she goes for a blitz

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Either could one shot each other, captain marvel could prob win via blitz tho

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Ancient one wins via BFR or mirror dimension.

If it's not allowed, then CM wins.

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It really comes down to how much portaling and reality manipulating TAO does. Could she portal Carol and cut her in half, something she's unlikely to do. Put her in the mirror dimension, and can she react fast enough to CM charging at her?