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Knightfall Vader


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Cade Skywalker (His prime)

All feats are Legends. Fight takes place in the Geonosis Arena

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Vader godstomps.

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Vader steamrolls.

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Cade may put up a good fight, but he's really outclassed as a swordsman.

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Vader easily

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Cade is pretty good, but Vader is on a whole different level.

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Quite frankly, I don't see Cade legit struggling against IG-102, and I don't see Anakin easily besting Talon and Nihl.

So Cade.

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Cade is massively outclassed in sabers and goes down in the Force in a decent fight. It's not a stomp, but it's damn well near one.

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Anakin stomps.