anakin and obi wan vs mace windu

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Scenario: Mace windu, instead of confronting palpatine, decides to wait for yoda to return. In that time, palpatine manages to fully seduce anakin into the dark side. Anakin then in turn convinces obi wan to join the dark side as well.

Now, both jedi oozing with dark side energy attack the jedi temple with the clones and come face to face with windu in the jedi council room. Who will come out on top?

Round 1: anakin and obi wan vs mace windu

Round 2: kit fisto joins mace

Round 3: Agen kolar joins kit fisto and windu

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R1 assuming that obi wan style has not changed and he still has his same mindset, team takes this easily.

R2 same as round one

R3 I think the trio would take small 6/10 majority. Obi and Ani can win if Anakin takes out kit and kolar while obi an hold off mace, but I don't see that happening.