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All battles will take place here

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In the magical land that time forgot of Skataris. The dimensional gateways to this world are sealed and all those with the power of dimensional travel will be unable to breach this barrier. their travel will be confined within the time lost land.

Combatants will have four weeks of prep but that prep will be in Skataris with the resources available there only. Combatants will begin at the tops of the two mountain ranges on opposite sides of Skataris.


These characters are amalgams of the choices made. They are a completely new character. each character will get

  • from the Body - physical aspects only. Strength, speed, durability, endurance, damage soak and healing
  • From the mind the learned things and character of the mind. They will have none of the powers of these characters unless those powers are the direct result of learned behavior.
  • from the powerset - the powers. This will NOT include anything physical in nature.
  • from the item whatever the item can bring when wielded by the mind and body chosen. If an item requires a particular physicality or character trait to perform certain tasks that is not a part of this build than they will be denied that aspect of the item.
  • POST LIMIT - in light of the many tourneys lately becoming war and peace all battles will be restricted to 7 battle posts plus one summation post where you can make closing arguments but NOT add any new information not offered before hand. Debaters can uses the 7 however they see fit to make their case. This should hopefully make it an easier read and more likely to actually get some votes
  • When down to voting all votes MUST be on the debate offered not on who you think should have won.
  • Debate will be open for a maximum of 5 days before closed by me once a thread starts
  • Characters who have the power of power duplications/copy, can only copy the powers as they fit within draft choices and can only unlock more potential of their own character build has that capability.

These amalgams may have the ability to use these powers or physicals to greater levels than the chosen drafts IF they can make a reasonable and believable explanation as to why they have unlocked such ability because of how they have built the character. For example a character chosen in a body slot may be able to have it's powers used if either the mind, power or the item can reasonably be used to access them. Similarly with the powers etc.


  • · Body: Grey Hulk (Savage is a 100+ toner base)
  • · Mind: Ultimate Reed Richards
  • · Powerset: "Average" Spawn
  • · Power Item: Hellspawn Nyx Suit


  • · Body: Alex Mercer
  • · Power: Darwin
  • · Mind: Deathstroke
  • · Item: Everywhere Man's Gauntlet


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@cadencev2 I guess I'll start first:

My body is Alex Mercer, who has incredible super human strength, endurance, regeneration, and a bit of speed as well as morphing powers that allow him to morph his body into different shapes and weapons.


Here he is with tendrils shooting out from his body, in an armored form, a bladed armor form, and with claws.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4
Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4

And here is the whip fist, some shields, and air version of the tendrils, and calling of these strange biomass beasts that James Heller can do. Why bring his powers up? Because he has the same powers as Mercer (given to him by Mercer) and with Slade's mind, He can easily figure out all that there is to do. And yes, he is pulling down a helicopter.

Here at 7:00 on in this video, Alex Mercer takes a nuke from a few meters away, he's turned into a puddle and then regenerates from it a while later.

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Here's Heller with his claws ripping apart a being that just broke steel restraints with ease at around 4:17 and 4:40

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Heller again with some pretty good feats in this trailer:

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Here's Mercer kicking tanks, having his throat slit, jumping from high buildings, being stabbed multiple times to no avail. He also is able to shake off Heller (pre powers) with just a shockwave.

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Now for the powers:


Darwin's powers working on Hel, an Asgardian Death goddess who's touch instantly kills. He absorbs her powers.

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No Caption Provided

They gave him gamma radiation absorption against WB Hulk (though PIS prevented him from ending it there).

Now for the mind:

A description of Deathstroke as a master strategist. And his enhanced mind

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From: http://batman.wikia.com/wiki/Deathstroke

"Enhanced Mind: Able to utilize 9 times more than a human's brain capacity for information storing and sorting, his mind is practically a computer built for strategy and problem solving. He can work out any sort of battle or attack ahead of time and predict an enemies movements based on what they have displayed so far, showing that his memory borders on almost total recall. He is also ingenious in devising solutions against superior aspects of an opponent, can observe and exploit, and can calculate distance, time, and speed at lightning-fast speeds. His sense of time is also superb, bordering on perfection.

Enhanced Reflexes: His reflexes are instantaneous, so that he is able to dodge point-blank gunfire and out maneuver almost any opponent, no matter how well trained."

Using intelligence to tag Flash

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Does in the Justice League with tactics and whatnot:

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Slade is called the best tactician and shows it as he forces Atom to crash into Hawkman.

And now for the tech:

Everywhere man's gauntlet, a duplicator that's on his wrist. Observe: 9:35 (even copies can make copies), 11:20, 15:04, 16:20. Even the copies can copy, and all he has to do is hold his hand on the button to create hundreds without limit.

Loading Video...

So here is how I win:

I have the mind of a master tactician who's mind operates over 9x faster than a human's, I have Alex Mercer's strength, range, morphing, bio-mass, and regen (some speed too), and Darwin's ability to adapt to all that comes my way. That alone is enough for any combination, but now, there are hundreds of me in just seconds. Good Game.

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@darkraiden: Alright to start with. @beatboks1 Question. Do our characters know how there bodies, powers, item work? Or is it simply whoever is the mind has to figure it out :/

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Darkraiden takes the win due to cadence no showing.

@cadencev2 if you still want to play I've had a LOT of other no shows and need to make it even numbers. At least you appeared in your thread. Who ever get's back to me first of those who showed but didn't debate can have the slot

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@beatboks1: Yeah i will. I sort of forgot about this when trying to find info out on character knowledge.