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Weapons and equipment:

Alopex - Two kamas, grappling hook and unlimited amount of shurikens.

Spider-Gwen - Her basic gear.


Round 1 - Fight takes place in abandoned warehouse. Morals on. No prep time.

Round 2 - Fight takes place in rooftops of NY. They start two streets apart from each other. Gwen is bloodlusted. Alopex has prep time.

Round 3 . Fight takes place in a maze. The walls have been covered with chemicals that prevents Gwen from wall-crawling. They starts from the opposite ends of the maze. Alopex is bloodlusted. Gwen gets prep time, but only to study Alopex (so she knows nothing about the maze).

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id say spider gwen

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If Gwen is anything like Pete, then she wins, although one swipe from Alooex would kill her. Still has to land it though.