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Alma wade from F.E.A.R. 3

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Ruvik from Evil Within

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• Alma's consciousness/spirit somehow got trapped inside the S.T.E.M system and she is transfered into Ruvik's mind world. Alma starts to warp and mess up Ruvik's mind and Ruvik directly confronts her and plans to put her wicked spirit down as she threatens his chances to escape his mind world.

• Ruvik is bloodlusted and has a horde of his demonic minions

• Alma is bloodlusted and has a horde of her ghoulish minions

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• Location is of course Ruvik's mind world

1st round : which would you least wanna have a nightmare with?

2nd round: who has the better game?

3rd round : who wins in a fight?

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I know this is late, but interesting thread. Here's a bump.

Round 1: Alma, since Ruvik is less likely to sexually assault you.

Round 2: F.E.A.R. 3 wasn't that great, but at least it had a story that made sense and controls that didn't suck.

Round 3: Ruvik isn't psychic, at all. He's literally just a brain in a jar. Anything Ruvik can do in his dream world, Alma can do better in reality.

Also, note that Ruvik's monsters are very vulnerable to fire. Alma is a very potent pyrokinetic who's very fond of setting things ablaze.

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Mm... From all I've seen of these two this is a very close one but

Round One: Ruvik, He is terrifying. I'd much rather have Alma be the last thing I see in a nightmare than Ruvik.

Round Two: Personally F.E.A.R 3 was a horrible game and I absolutely adored The Evil Within. One of the few good horror games that includes shooting

Round Three: Honestly it depends on where the battle takes place. But the only place it would make sense is in Beacon so I easily have to go with Ruvik. It's Ruvik's game. He has many monsters/minions he can summon at his wim. And he is much better with controlling his power.

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Round 1 - Ruvik. He is much more sadistic than Alma.

Round 2 - The first F.E.A.R. game is a classic, while The Evil Within is just a forgettable action game, full of unexplained horror tropes and cliches, and a nonsensical plot.

Round 3 - As already said in this thread "Ruvik isn't psychic, at all. He's literally just a brain in a jar. Anything Ruvik can do in his dream world, Alma can do better in reality". Besides, Alma is already dead, so good luck 'killing' her.

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Own both games, have extensive knowledge of both characters.

Round one: Ruvik. He's essentially the Freddy Kruger of this generation. Let's face it... Alma is too average ans stereo-typical, nothing creative with her.

Round two: The Evil Within, it's the Resident Evil 4 we wanted, and the Resident Evil 5 we deserved. The Evil Within 2 introduced open world to the franchise. F.E.A.R franchise are good fps games but mediocre and shallow qt best, far from being classic games while The Evil Within's characters are actually iconic.

Round three: Actually, if people would just get past chapter 3 of The Evil Within, they'd find that Ruvik is indeed psychic, he basically has all the powers Alma has and more.

If this battle takes place in Beacon, then God help us all. Ruvik returned with his army in The Evil Within 2 (if you got the right ending) proving that he can't really be killed.

I think people are severely underestimating Ruvik for the sake of fanboyism, Ruvik essentially recreated Beacon in his own image, is immortal within numeric coding, is actually original.

It's not exactly fair to say that Ruvik is just a brain in a jar, because TEW2 proves he still lives on through coding even without his brain/body. In other words, he's on the same level of Alma but just in a different way. Expect Ruvik to return in The third game...

I think the next battle should be "Myra (Sebastian's wife) vs Alma".... because after playing that last boss fight on Clasic Akumu mode, I would feel very sorry for Alma lol

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Neutral settings, Ruvik power would still pale in comparison to Alma.

Alma was causing city-wide anomalies with contractions

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  1. Ruvik
  2. Ruvik
  3. Alma

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@wetelvenchick18 Well said. I haven't played The Evil Within 2 yet, but if what I've heard of his showings is true, I may have to reconsider my verdict. Also, in hindsight, I think that I would rather be forced upon by a ghost lady than have barbed wires shoved up my bum Silent Hill style. My experience with The Evil Within as a game was atrocious. However, that was likely due to a combination of the PC port's poor optimization and my own lack of experience with Survival Horror. Not really the fault of the game. You're really selling me on the sequel's open world bit though.

Round 1: Ruvik (As Alma is far less sadistic)

Round 2: The Evil Within - F.E.A.R. / The Evil Within 2 - F.E.A.R. 2 & F.E.A.R. 3

Round 3: Alma (I don't think that either of them can be truly killed, but I do believe that Alma can at the very least put him into a temporary state of "defeat".)

Note: I'd really like to see Alma give Ruvik the same treatment that she gave Micheal Beckett in F.E.A.R. 2. Just to see the beautiful monstrosity that she ends up giving birth to.

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for now Alma but I’ll have to research eve more in her foe. I know the first evil within but I’ll have to check the second one out