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Allmight (Boku no Hero)

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Power: One for All (Supernatural enhanced condition, jumping over parts of the city with ease), power is a quick extreme burst of strength normally accompanyed by a large gust of wind.

Best Feats by Allmight:

-Defeating a creature with regenerative powers and shock absorption designed to kill him (defeated via punching him 300 times in a span of 10-30 seconds)

-Destroying half a street simply by making a shockwave with his fist

Feats by person with inhairiting his power (all with a single punch)

-Taking out a 20 story or taller robot.

-Making a hole through several floors of a 10 story building



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Power: Rubber Body (Body acts like rubber but he can manipulate it in various ways). Busoshoki Haki (Harden parts of his body)

Best Feat:

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Rules and Info:

-This is Allmight before he started to pass on his powers so he can stay in hero form for 3 hours at least.

-Time skip luffy

-Both characters have not used their powers that day and are fully charged and ready to go.

-1 round

-Neither of them know each other exist

-Still limited to their natural weaknesses.

-Fight to Knock-out.

-Arena like stage, no water.

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From my highly limited knowledge of BnH, Luffy stomps.

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Luffy stomps.

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Luffy stomps, speed, power all in favor Luffy.

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Though i am a Hero Academia fan my profile tells it but nvm Luffy stomps. I think All Mighty is Multi Building level or something

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All Might is a much better character from a much better manga IMO, but he isn't anywhere near Luffy's power. He isn't even supersonic.

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@tsoj: I don't think Luffy outspeeds him, but strength i believe for sure.

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@vptwarrior: Luffy has reacted to lightning, is much faster than other characters who have done so (as well as much faster than the time he had done it himself), has reacted to bullets with ease, and has outran explosions as well IIRC. On the other hand, All Might failed to run 5 km in 30 seconds, which is only about half the speed of sound, meaning his speed is actually below that. I don't recall any impressive speed feats either, nothing compared to Luffy anyway.

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@tsoj: I did say before he passed on his powers. So odds are allmight was faster. i don't recall Luffy ever dodging lighting, i recall him looking confused after being blasted by it....lightning pricks face was funny as #^&%. I've never seen him dodge bullets, i have seen him dodge water bullets, however its possible those were not going as fast as actual bullets. Also remember reaction speed doesn't equal running speed. Speed feats aren't really luffys thing so i can't remember any off the top of my head either.

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Luffy godstomps

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Water bullets calced between Mach 40-44, he dodged then in base.

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@vptwarrior: Actually, disregard Luffy himself reacting to lightning, since that was Enel's and I don't think his is actually the speed of lightning. (He did reacted to it at some point though, IIRC). However, the woman from CP9 did react to natural lightning (made through Nami's clouds), and Luffy should be much faster than her even pre-timeskip.

Early on, IIRC Luffy has protected his friends from bullets by jumping in front of them and letting them bounce off his rubbery body and back at the shooters, and he's done similar thing with cannonballs, except he inflates himself first. Also, Zoro is fast enough to slice multiple cannonballs in half, and that was before the timeskip.

Although, I'm not the most knowledgeable on Luffy's speed feats. If you want someone with more proof, Leo-343 might be the guy to go to.

EDIT: Oh, well there he is lol

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Luffy rofl

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Obviously Luffy.

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Allmight couldn't even hurt him

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Luffy, without even trying.

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Luffy stomps. Luffy out stats him in every category.

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@crackshotboi: Why was this bumped? Everyone knows All Might loses.

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from what i've seen, luffy, altho it'd be a cool fight

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From what I know of All-Might, this is a mismatch in Luffy's favour. I've seen than most agree AM is only supersonic at best and that is consistent with this unimpressive feat:

Defeating a creature with regenerative powers and shock absorption designed to kill him (defeated via punching him 300 times in a span of 10-30 seconds)

Luffy's base form is high hypersonic and pushing triple digits so his gears are overkill and so is his precognition.

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Pretty sure this is a mismatch.

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Another MHA Stomp thread. They're street levelers brah, why can't we just let them fight street levelers lmao.

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Luffy oneshots.

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Huge mismatch in favor of Luffy.

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MHA loses again.

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Luffy soloes the verse

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Luffy one-shot the verse.

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Prime All Might maybe wins in hype. But not feats.

Sick All Might gets stomped.

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Isn't One Piece on like a whole different level? Seems like spite to me.

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