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@intothevoid: it's was a good book

I really wish more miniseries with him aleast

I am sure he will be back when the time is right

And it will be soon

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#52 Posted by RampageTheFirst (7815 posts) - - Show Bio

Sentry was not that impressive whatsoever.

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Sentry and Void merged meaning that their powers have at least doubled. Sentry's powers work based on his mental stability and the merged one is even more stable than the Stable Sentry that appeared in Vol.2.

Now, as he has not done anything besides take down the Avengers and defeat Scout who is nearly as powerful as the old Sentry. Yes, new Sentry is featless but we can use the previous feats to determine if he will win or not.

In Doctor Strange by Donny Cates, God of Magic Dr Strange and God of Stories Loki (while using a spell which was stated to be multiversal level) couldn't do anything against unstable Void.

Unstable Sentry (appeared in Vol.1, New Avengers, Vol.2, Mighty Avengers, World War Hulk and Dr Strange by Donny Cates) < Unstable Void (Siege, Dark Avengers, Dr Strange) < DSS < Stable Void (appeared in the last issue of Vol.2) < Stable Sentry (appeared in the last issue of Vol.2) < Merged Sentry.

(I think Stable Sentry is stronger than Stable Void because he is just a creation of the Sentry.)

Now, unstable Void was easily taking care of someone like GoM Dr Strange and GoS Loki, fought Norm Stone enhanced Avengers and was winning, fought Thor and was nearly winning, killing Ares, fought MM, etc.

Unstable Sentry stalemated WWH, fought Photon, fought the Collective, etc. Absorbing Man exploded once he tried to steal Sentry's power. And remember that AM had absorbed Odin's power and Cosmic Cube.

DSS easily managed to take care of Aaron's Thor. It was stated that he was too fast for Thor.

Stable Sentry, Stable Void and merged Sentry are featless.

But even then, I am giving this to Sentry. He could absorb Superman's energies and make him weak. Those Void tentacles are to be feared. (And yes, merged Sentry has both powers of Sentry and Void). And let's not forget that juicy telepathy, matter manipulation, energy manipulation, reality warping, etc.

I have only read about 10 years worth of Superman comics, so I am not sure how much resistance he has against some of these abilities.

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Without void

Superman for majority

With void

Sentry for majority

Also depends how you look at sentry here

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Just from what little we have seen from him so far, All New Sentry looks like he's going to be a monster. New She Hulk and Thor are no push-overs. He even casually effortlessly beat Scout with zero issue, and he is close to Stable Sentry power. I'm thinking this form is a stable fusion. Meaning he will be an amoral monster at best. I'm pretty sure he will come back as a very nasty villain. But he has too many disgusting powers. He was already insanely strong as unstable Sentry or Void, but merged and stable?!?! That's frightening.... That means he will have Void's warping speed (Ability to move trillions of miles in a second, or tens of thousands of times the speed of light), possession, Light and Darkness Control and Manipulation with the ability to create constructs from both, Telepathy, Empathy, Clairvoyance, Immortality, the ability to heal others and even resurrect them, Teleportation, Molecular and Matter Manipulation, Materialization, Power Sharing, Energy Absorption, Energy Projection, Intangibility, Force Fields, MASSIVE Atmokinesis (Weather Control), and shapeshifting. These are only powers that each of Sentry and Void have. Since it's a stable fusion..... they're likely to be magnified along with his durability, strength, senses, agility, reflexes, healing factor, and even battle speed will be dramatically enhanced.

He might even have new powers that we don't even know about yet because of the fusion... I really wish we could see more of that character, he's friggen nuts.

I honestly don't see how Superman could stand up to a monster like that. Especially when he could just re-arrange his molecules, or tear them apart completely with his mind. There's just too many ways for him to win.

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Regular Sentry beats Superman low-diff.

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Regular stable Sentry wins

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Sentry while surfing on the beach

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Is this suppose to be Merged Sentry? Because in theory he would godstomp Superman.

Regular Sentry probably loses, hard to tell.

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Which Superman?

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Is this suppose to be Merged Sentry? Because in theory he would godstomp Superman.

Regular Sentry probably loses, hard to tell.

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Void alone stomps. With him merged with Sentry it's a mismatch.