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Posted by Killer94 (447 posts) 9 months, 19 hours ago

Poll: All Might Vs Metro Man (Megamind) (12 votes)

All Might 0%
Metro Man 100%

All Might

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Metro Man

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Morals off

Bloodlust on

Victory Via KO, Incap or Death


No Outside Help

Both at Prime Condition


Location: Tokyo

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How fast is AllMight?

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All Might isn't anywhere near fast enough. The world is a still picture to Metroman when he's using his speed, allowing him to spend hours doing whatever he likes faster than the eye can recognize he's even moved.

All Might will be beaten before he even realizes the fight has started.

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Metro Man stomps.

The kinetic energy from his speed will one shot All Might.

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