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Ya boi Toshinori Yagi is coming out to play against the heavy hitters of the MCU.

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All Might:

-Bloodlusted (He's not smiling and thinks his students have been harmed).

-Has 10 minutes at the power level he was against Nomu, there is no decline as the fight goes on but once 10min are up he's Skinny Might, no pushing himself further.

-That photo of All Might was drawn by Jim Lee which is nice I guess.

MCU Team:

>Hulk (From Avengers 1, no weird emotional issues).

>Thor (From Ragnarok, has access to God of Thunder but no special axe, give him Mjolnir if you want).

>Vision (Infinity War).

>Thanos (No gauntlet, just H2H).


>Iron Man (Infinity War).

>War Machine (Civil War).

>Spider Man (Infinity War).

>Cap (Civil War).

>Black Panther (Infinity War).

-All in character (The heroes will treat All Might like a Thanos type threat, Thanos will be ruthless but not bloodlusted).


Ground Beta from My Hero Academia (basically a giant fake empty city).

BFR is ok but it would have to be hard enough that the person wouldn't come back.

Killing is fine for both sides but refer to their character states.

No hiding to run out All Might's timer, the heroes are also not aware of his timer but are aware of his abilities.

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All Might actually stomps, nobody here can put him down or even perceive him while he can one-shot 70% of the people here before they even blink.

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He Could pretty much Oneshot Everyone Here.

Bar Vision, Who Could Kill All Might with His Beam, But..... Yea AM Should Blitz

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Huh, I was really trying to balance it since people here usually shit on anime characters, surprised xDDDDD

I agree though I think he's got it 9/10.

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@joshrooney8: Nice thread. However change the tile because some people might get the wrong idea. Like for example Universal Battles aren't allowed, but don't worry, I know you're putting him against against a MCU team. Just change it to "All Might Vs. MCU Team."

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All Might could fart and he’ll one shot.

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All Might stomps this fodder.

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Thor solos

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Not sure, too many variables.

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This has been done before. He oneshots them all.

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All Might stomps. he's too fast, too durable, and too strong for them. The best hope the MCU team has would be if they had Strange to BFR, other than that they really can't do anything to him.

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he kills them all. His weighted jab sent shockwaves down a street and knocked down both Deku and Backugo.

I think the first Nomu would be more fair