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Didn't Superman take a terraforming blast or somethin?

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All might pulverizes the alien

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Round 1 goes to superman, round 2 goes to All-Might assuming he's in his prime. All-Might has more strength and speed than superman in a fight, however he has a time limit in round 1, round 2 his strength and speed goes up times 60 according to All-Might, and plus he has no time limit.

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All Might.

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All Might could lose round 1 because of the time limit constraints but I'm still going to give it to him, far better durability and strength feats.

Round 2: Superman enjoys his new life in the sky after All Might curbs him. Prime All Might is too much for Superman who would already heavily struggle vs a weakened Might.

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All Might.

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All might stomps. Even the d!cksucking for Superman here is too high.

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Superman shreads him with a glance

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Sups takes this. All Migh isnt even multi city block level, Sups has plenty moutain - up to even continental feats like nuke feat, terraforming beam feat, tectonic plate feat etc.

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@thoromdil: lmao. Didn't tank anuke was KOed/killed, tectonic feat is off screen so can't be used and terraforming beam is an increase in gravity, that's it. Nice try, but fail.

OT: supes round one due to ti.e limit

R2 All might all day and all might. 😋

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All Might. Overrated Superman

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