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Location: abandon dungeon

Round 1: speed equal

Round 2: Speed unequal, no black asta.

How does this play out?

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Mismatch. All might stomps both Rounds. All might is too strong and durable. Asta is op in his verse because they’re so dependent on magic. Asta can’t hold All mights jockstrap when it come to H2H fighting

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I've only watched the anime of both, but I would say Allmight stomps. He can't cancel out Allmight's powers, so it comes to physical strength vs physical strength, and Allmight is just much stronger than Asta is.

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@hyperfinn: Manga only or Anime and Manga either way Asta should win the speed equal round

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All Might stomps

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OK maybe it was the crappy animation but didn't Asta vs Ladros go through mountains hills? Or changed the landscape?

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All-Might can one-shot with any ranged attack. Asta's speed is all reactive, and his durability is only like building level.

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@faradaysloth: Haven't seen that episode yet, but that absolutely did not happen in the manga. Asta's physicals (minus reaction speed) aren't anywhere near that level.

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@flashingsabre: Bro, that episode was weird af. Over half the time I could not tell what was happening.

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Asta only wins if speed is unequal since he has LS reactions for some crappy reason that makes no sense. Bos characters of most series should not be that fast without real training

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All might wins

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Asta blitzes. He is operating at near lightspeed and has kept with multiple opponents who also move as fast

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All Might would never be able to land a hit. Asta is hundreds if not thousands of times faster than him.