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All for One is at his best and Naruto is as he was with his battle with Pain.

The start 50 meters apart.

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Naruto stomps. If he goes 6 tails it’ll be a massive stomp

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Rasenshuriken gg.

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Naruto wins.

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Naruto stomps

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All For One doesn't have the speed to keep up and defiantly doesn't have the durability to tank a Rasenshuriken.

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Naruto one shots with a rasenshuriken

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Naruto is just too fast, Naruto blitzed Pain's paths who dodged Rasenshuriken, one of Naruto's clones kept up with 3rd Raikage so Pain arc Sage Naruto should be above lightning speed.

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Naruto easily.

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Naruto will kill him in seconds.