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@yaldabaoth123: You have several problems.

  1. TGoaliD is just a 100% kill rate, not an omnipotent hax that can kill anything when he wants.
  2. You're using KH stats when you summon him, which is different to Grand Assassin King Hassan who indeed has rank EX PC
  3. The best teleportation in Overlord is Greater Teleportation, which consumes massive MP, otherwise the normal 7th spell only teleports you some hundreds of meters
  4. Ainz has not an unlimited mana pool, he has several problems facing 1v1 combats as shown against Shalltear. If he could just Time Stop + TGoaliD he could've done that to Shalltear. Also, he needs to chant the spells using his voice at normal human spell, so he's as death as Gawain if he wants to face an hypersonic being

Dude where are you getting your information for Overlord from? There is no indication that greater teleportation or time-stop require a great amount of mana, also greater teleportation IS the 7th tier spell. Not only that, but Shalltear and every lvl 80-100 NPC has time manipulation resistance, in the Drama CD Ainz spam several time-stops against a giant tree and the Guardians continue to walk and talk normally within these time stops. Also, every spell Ainz can cast with just a thought, its call [silent casting].

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Ok, so I noticed three main arguements here.

Let's see what I can achive by throwing in my hat!

Arguement number 1:

- TGOALID = The Evening Bells.

So, this arguement came from the fact that both of them posses abilities to bypass instant death immunities, and as such, Hassan is not exactly special and can be killed by Ainz just as Ainz can be killed by Hassan.

Now, I may be wrong, but from the way i understand it, and from what we saw with Tiamat, here is the basic difference:

TGOALID is an immunity bypassing. It strenghen the instant death spells cast after it, and allow it to bypass any immunity or resistence to instant death abilities the opponent hold, at the cost of the effect of the instant death taking place only 12 seconds after the cast, and not, well, instantly.

It is a great ability, but it is FUNDAMENTALLY different from the Evening Bell and Azrael.

Case and point: Tiamat.

Tiamat did not have any real instant death immunity or resistence, or even any immunity or resistence to Death in general, or any ressurection skill.

Tiamat was no immortal, undead, or just a very tough living being.

Tiamat was a deity which for her the concept of death was unknown.

It is not that she had immunity palced on her against instant death.

It is that the very concept of death was unrelated to her, and as such, no method of killing her are available.

She is the mother of life.

Stab her?

So what?

Drop a meteor on her?

A planet?

don't make me laugh.

What would that do?

Death is not a thing that just happens to Tiamat.

She is a being who is unrelated to it.

The best plan our little gang had to stop her was dropping her to the underworld, the land of the dead, and she was completelly unaffected.

Ereshkigel, goddess of death, OLDEST goddess of death in religion's history on earth, said, if my memory serves me correctly, that death cannot reach and touch her, even in the kingdom of Death.

Hassan did not penetrate any layer of immunity to death, or resistence.

Hassan does not in bypass immunities.

He inflict DEATH.

The concept.

The idea.

He sever the strings of Fate and engrave the very concept of Death into a being.

Be it Living, Dead, Undead, a God, a Cosmic Being, a Force, it matters not.

Even if that thing should not conceivably die, it would.

Because Hassan gives it the capability to die.

It is not an instant death per se, rather inflicting the concept of death on someone.

To try and explain it better, there would be a difference between slashing someone with a powerful slash that bypass any resistence to slashing damage, And slashing someone with the concept of a slash, enforcing on the target the concept of being severed and seperated.

Ainz bypass immunities, Hassan inflict a concept.

They may seems like the same end result, but the process and level are completelly different.

Arguement number 2:

Just as Hassan can kill Ainz, Ainz can kill Hassan.

Well, yes, but...

Hassan's battle continuation skill is on the level of EX.

At this point, the state of being of dead or alive is irrellevent to Hassan.

Yeah, Ainz should theoretically be able to kill him.

But what would that do?

In theory, Hassan should just keep on going even if he is supposdly dead.

It isn't really a matter of resistence to death.

As far as we are concerned, Hassan may very well be the closest thing the Nasuverse have for the old Grim.

As far as we know, he is as old as humanity, and older then even some of the gods, as suggested when he was called Ziusudra in one of the events, as the name of King Ziusudra, the last Sumerian king before the great flood, and the originator of the Legend of Noah.

He is a being far older then initially seemed, and one which walked in the valley of Death and seemingly exists beyond Life and Death.

It is a legit debate if any form of "death" would have any real effect on this being.

Arguement number 3:

Ainz could just stop time and there is nothing Hassan can do to counter it.


As someone noted, Archer was able to escape from Madea's space manipulation with only D level magic resistnece, and considering Servant Madea is one of the greatest magicians in the nasuverse, barring people like Merlin, Solomon, and the users of true Magic, it says quite a lot.

Someone like Hassan, who actually have A level magic resistence, as all of his stats are shown one level lower then they should be, would most likely be able to greatly resist, and may actually be able to move while Ainz is freezing time.

Although, that's still questionable.

However, a fair thing to remember:

As powerful as Ainz Ooal Gown might be, Time Stop is still a tier 10 spell.

While in the show he seems to have no problem using it for short times, and even seems not to be tired while using it three times in a row, it is STILL a 10th tier spell.

Using it too much, or trying to hold it for too long of a time would be taxing, even on Ainz.

Assuming 10th tier spells worked on Hassan, even with his A rank magic resistence, it still doesn't mean Ainz can just wait for hours to no end, plotting how to finish him off.

He could use this time to call the other floor guardians, and try to device a strategy of defeating him with demiurge, but the moment he let go of the spell and try to teleport anywhere for hiding, Before any of them can do anything to Hassan, he just activates his PC and vanish, chasing Ainz.

Or, worse, kills all of them in mere seconds, as non of them could stop time against him, and then ust continue his chase.

If it's going to go down to Ainz constantly having to use time stop against Hassan to run away, then it went down to a mouse and cat chase, in which case it would be over once Ainz runs out of energy and can't stop time anymore.

Hassan is like Death.

Eventually, he would be there.

There would be no end to this fiasco until Ainz's skull is hanged from King Hassan's belt.

That is, of course, assuming Hassan won't be able to just walk it off.

Level A Magic Resistence is capable of simply shragging off and ignoring the highest tier magecraft humans are capable of in the Nasuverse.

Considering even space and time manipulation are in there, then it is very likely Hassan could just ignore anything short of super-tier spells, and even they may have limited to no effect on him.

To summerize:

Hassan's instant death is fundamentally different then that of ainz.

Hassan would be unaffected by Ainz's method, as Hassan is effectivlly already in synch with Death itself, and the physical manifestation of it in the Nasuverse:

"The evening bell that informs people of funerals and resounds the call of Death. A unique Skill that manifested as a result of having become one with these rites of passing."

Hassan would either be uneffected by Time Stop, or, if he is not, it would simply escalate to a cat and mouse chase, and eventually, the Cat is going to catch the mouse.

Ainz Ooal Gown is a mighty and powerful sorcerer king, a God for the New World.

But King Hassan is the one who inflict Death and Judgment upon the Mightiest of the Gods.

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gramps stomps.

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@sir-alucard: You make some pretty good arguments but i think you forget that Ainz can still spam delayed magic spells during the time stop so he could do a lot more than just run away.Also i really dont see King Hassan being able to shrug off a super tier spell even with his MR, although i do agree that most other spells wouldnt do much to him exept some extremily powerful ones like Reality Slash and Meteor Fall.